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    ATG is just epic. Especially when combined with Biomes'o plenty or Highlands. It completly overhauls terrain generation and lets's you add an option the configs that creates poles in the world. So north and south are cold and the the area around the equator is hot.

    I tried out ATG and man, that was pretty cool. I did have a huge problem when there was a lot of water flowing, pretty much locking up minecraft until it had settled. I sure hope it gets developed more, because it was impressive.

    Well.. stupid skeleton spawner ended my last GT world. Sad times. As refreshing as vanilla biome generation was, I do find myself wanting to mix it up a little. What are some good suggestions for biome mods for GT? (I usually go for Biomes O'Plenty as my default biome generation mod, but I think it generates from gems from GT and I don't know how to turn off the BoP gemstone generation.)

    I forgot all about Spice of Life... I think I'm gonna to be adding it.

    Question: Does GT have any method of felling large trees (Like TCon lumber axes)? I have Thaumcraft so EVENTUALLY I'll have Axe of the Stream. Just wondering about my options.


    Is it me, or do fishing poles make early game food a non-issue? My first goal when starting a world (I start a lot since I play hardcore) is to find a Greatwood tree from Thaumcraft and either kill a spider or pull a couple of webs off the tree. Throw three sheep in there and the terror of a GregTech start melts away.

    What are your favorite food methods very early game?

    if you dont have RC installed - a lot. If you are having RC installed - not that much. Without RC you cant make inf water with just IC2 + GregTech

    I do have Railcraft, but out of curiosity how much challenge is there in having finite water? Does it actually become an issue?

    EDIT: I wanted to clarify this, since it's a similar question to my previous one. Will finite water result in me just needing to build a machine or two extra and I'll have no more issue, or will finite water be a consistent obstacle throughout my GregTech experience?

    Ok, I changed the amber amount to 5000, for testing. I'm now reassured that amber was spawning. Now I just have to find a suitable number that is not too much as to imbalance GregTech and not too little as to starve ThaumCraft.

    (Hey, if there was a way to use Thaumcraft's amber generation with your version of the amber ore block, id be happy.)

    GT doesnt remove ores from spawning, even if its in GTs config.

    But you can disable ore gen wia thaumcraft config ... why you just turn it off in TC4 config ?

    If GregTech is in fact generating Amber, I can't find any at all. How would I increase the rate in which amber spawns? (Ideally the rate would be on par with Thaumcraft's amber generation.)

    So, still slaving away on my configs trying to get everything how I like it. This is what my config changelog looks like at the moment.

    So, now the questions...

    I'm having more trouble understanding how to modify the GregTech WorldGen then I'd like. I wanted all ThaumCraft WorldGen to be handled by GregTech (I'm a huge sucker for uniformity). Right now, I believe both ThaumCraft and GregTech are adding their own version of amber.

    This is the entry for amber in WorldGeneration.cfg and ideally I want to give amber the same chance of spawning in GregTech as it does in ThaumCraft, so I can disable amber in Thaumcraft. What would I need to change in order to make that happen?

    (I am still trying to make Thaumcraft Infused Ore be handled by GregTech, but I'll keep slamming my head against the desk until I get it to work. For now, it would be a morale boost to get amber working how I want it.)

    To get Thaumcraft Infused Stone as a GT Ore, you'd need to manually add custom ore mixes for them. Remember though, if you do that, when you find an Infused Stone vein, you will have more Infused Stone than you know what to do with.
    Additional note on that: You can set up to 4 Ores to generate in any one Mix Vein, which means you would need to find at least 2 Veins to get a full set of Shards.
    Alternatively, you could set them as Small Ores, making them rare and in small quantities, but that would make them more like their default generation patterns.

    To set up a custom mix vein, you need to find the material ID numbers of the ores you want to generate. Probably the simplest way to do this is to enter a world with GregTech in it, and search in NEI for the ores you want to add. The metadata value of the ore's Stone form is the ore's material ID. For further notes on configuring ore generation, see the first half of the Mining and Processing Guide Blood Asp and I wrote for the FTB Wiki.

    That seems... intimidating. Since you took the effort to type that out, I think the least I could do is attempt to get it working how I want it. Thank you for shedding some light on how it all works.