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    Hi everyone, I need some help. I want to use Flux Heater (converter from RF to KU) but it is no crafts in NEI, no configs in files (i use search), no page on Wiki, and no answers on this forums before how to enable it's craft. So, how can i do this, or where I miss?

    I create my own modpack. Oh, God, without other mods it's work) So now need know in what mod is problem)
    If you can say, how mode make it's, I shall be happiness)
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    Hi guys, I have one big problem, what cause my brains to explode) i can't craft any basic, advanced, unersal etc. items, like basic macerator or advanced wiremill. In NEI they have no crafts, but i can give it's from there. So what i must do to solve it's problem?