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    Sorry for bombing the thread but I am rather interested in what mods you all have installed. For me it would seem to be 100% on EnderIO. I have went through 100+ mods in and out and the only one that seems to effect it is EnderIO .

    I'm just using the Beyond Reality pack + ChickenChunks.
    Latest version as of today

    I use the IndustrialCraft Recipe List for the Bronze Macerator. That List could be broken for some Reason. I don't have EIO installed on my own Setup so I will check if it is broken there ...

    ... So I checked, and it still works for me without EIO, I don't know what the fuck happened to cause that.

    Ehh? I'm not sure what you mean by that last part. Are you unable to replicate the issue?

    He told you to use the most recent one. THat's not how downgrading works.

    That's not what I meant.
    If you read my original post, you'll see that I mentioned that DOWNGRADING GregTech fixed the issue.
    Let me rephrase my last post:
    "Strange, If it was EIO, I can't see why the issue would have stopped when I downgraded GT before." (From an end user standpoint)

    No need to be snarky.

    This is a issue with ENDER IO. Try removing that mod and booting up the most recent version of GT. Might be something different but I have a open issue here in case it is the same.

    Strange, If it was EIO, I can't see why the issue would have stopped when I downgraded GT before. If I get around to it later on I'll see what happens when I remove EIO.
    I still believe it's something on Greg's side however.

    Bug Report!

    Priority: Rather Urgent
    Versions: MC 1.7.10 | GT 5.07.02 - 5.07.00
    Reproduced: Yes
    Affected Block: Bronze Age Basic Macerator

    The basic Bronze Age Macerator refuses to process a bunch of different ores - mostly ones with a vanilla-like name.
    It will however take most ores with the realistic names (Cassiterite, Pyrite, etc).
    So far I've discovered that Silver, Iron, Gold, Redstone, and Diamond Ore are refused. (Yes, the GT versions of the ores.)

    Every version of the macerator AFTER Bronze takes the ores just fine like normal.

    I've downgraded to Gregtech 5.06.06 and the functionality is restored to normal. Every version AFTER has the bug.