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    Well, looking at the video and then this forum thread, I have noticed a few things.

    Firstly, there are communication issues, the dev team have accepted this. Can we stop arguing about this 'you should tell us what is going on', it has been acknowleadged and will be probably be resolved at some point in the future

    Secondly, some people relly like throwing insults and bringing in stuff that isn't relly, in my mind, relavant to the discussion, which basically boils down to communication, bugfixes, and many people focusing entirely on the quantumsuit. there are other issues raised, but they are the ones I'm concerned with.

    So about qsuits and the actual content of the mod. It's true that IC isn't the only mod that adds machinery and energy systems. It also does not have as much content as the many of the others. However it was one of the first, and for a long time it added and did things no other mod did, and things that were in other mods, were availible better in IC. Since other mods, like BC and RP have had vefry fast development, aided by forge and also mod authors being prepared to work together.

    Now even though IC has in some ways been left behind, it still adds new features that amaze me, like the recent nuclear overhaul. And it always has been, and probably always will be the mod that defines my approach to the game. it serves as a backbone, it has stuff you can make very early on in the game, like the iron furnace, but also has high tech stuff like the mass fab, nuclear reactor and so on. most other tech mods, like RB and BC are often only worth paying much attention to once you have a decent base lots of resources and want to start building a big factory or automated systems. Also, many of the mods lose their shine a little once IC leaves the picture. what good is a refining center using BC when the total of processing is feeding coal and ore to a line of furnaces.

    For a long time IC set the standard. I still remember the switch from IC to IC2. I was amazed, much of the new content I had though was simply not possible in minecraft without making it incompatibel with every other mod ever made, yet there it was. So ok, development migh not be going at the same pace as other mods like BC, but without indusdrialcraft minecraft sems, well, dull.

    I have great respect for you Alblaka, take it at your own pace. but please, keep the mod alive.