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    I do think that both using a radio tower as a way of communication and of sending power would be beneficial, and they could possibly have both options possible on the same machine. Also included could be hand held radios that could recieve the power and be placed as fuel inside a machine or also say the message being broadcasted.

    Name: celticguy08 (Just call me Celtic)

    MC-Forums, IC-Forums, and MC name: celticguy08

    Timezone: -5:00 GMT (Eastern Standard Timezone)

    Desired Position: Sprite creator

    Resumé: I create mod support sprites for the texture pack "Faithful32" (By Vattic). The mods that I have supported are Portal Gun, Compressed Cobblestone, Connected Textures, Store Blocks, leftler's extra BuildBraft pipes, *Zipline*, and *Vending Machine*. The Faithful 32 topic can be found here.

    Just a few notes, the mods with the *'s around them were slightly edited by Vattic before release.

    Also something that Vattic has yet to release due to absense for some reason or another is my support for the More Ores mod, however you can download the support here.

    I am currently working on the Better Than Wolves mod and the WW2 guns mod. Of which the Better Than Wolves mod only has 1 or two sprites left, however most of the sprites were not created by me, simply fitted into the new terrain image created in the newest BTW update.

    Lastly I cannot assure you that all of the textures are up to date, due to it being hard to keep track of them all while still creating more sprites for more mods.

    Why me?: Well for one thing I am an avid IC player, I know all the ups and downs of creating a good factory so I am familiar with it. But I am sure you have heard that before, so what really makes me different is my willingness to improve. Improve my skills, improve my sprites, and improve the project in general. In order to improve I have:

    1. Enrolled in a Computer Graphics class this semester in order to learn more about Photoshop, GIMP, and other image editing softwares.

    2. Created several skins for me and a few of my friends to help fit our personalities.

    3. Made all of my textures in 32x32, which allows me to put 4x the detail into my work.

    Also I have some suggested improvements/ideas in regards to the sprites of IC²:

    1. Create a terrain.png and items.png similar to how default minecraft works and how other mods are now organizing their sprites.

    2. Create optional 32x32 sprites for the mod in order to appeal to a wider audience of those who prefer HD texture packs (Only if done with all 16x16 sprites at the time would this be worked on)

    Thank you for considering my application, and if you read all 3605 characters than I must congradulate you =)


    EDIT: I just realized some other people put skills not related to the job desired, but more related to what they can help out with, so someother things I have experience with are:

    1. I'm a moderator on a server that has been around since SMP came out.

    2. I'm good at making deadlines, especially since I would prefer doing this than homework =)

    3. I have a few good contacts with professional coders who create custom plugins and other sprite creators

    4. I have a friend with a Teamspeak server that is very rarely used, and might be willing to lend it to the project

    5. I am fun to be around =D

    Ok, now it is to 4310 characters...