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    Game Name, Age, Why would you like to play on this server


    I'm RPilks, Otherwise known as Ryan Pilkington (Original name, y'know?), I'm 16 who's actually mature (Not the boring type, but I don't mess about.. I'm here to play and have fun, not ruin other people's day for no reason!) and I'd love to play on the server as a change from normal SMP, With the awesome mod of IC2 I think this could really spice up Minecraft with me..

    I've only seen the Yogscast videos on it, so I'm the blatant newbie, but still.. I'll sit and wire solar panels up for people, until I eventually get my own Nuclear Reactor.. AND TAKE OVER THE WORLD! Err, Share my power with others happily and gracefully, and definitely not attempt to formulate some form of WMD Kittens.


    Hoping for a quick whitelist, I'm itchin' to play ;D