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    Thx all for answers and tips. But Server hardware is totaly fine, I'm use hetzner dedicated server EX40-SSD. And also I'm host one more minecraft server, on same machine, couse processor have 8 cores, the same forge, mach more mods about 140, but GT 5 not included in that pack, and I'm don't see the same problems(periodic lags by loading/unloading chunks), on it. How I'm can check my hardware on overheating or defects? I'm use debian 7 on my server.

    Can I'm know the GT is include the chunckloading by it self?

    Also thx for tip about second drive for OS, appreciate it.

    Hello, I'm have problem on my server.

    Every 30 seconds server unloading chunks (For example 4000 was loaded then it unload them to 3100 and in this moment start lag like a crazy(75ms - 1200ms), and then instantly loading chunks back to 4000(25 ms)), If on server around 12 players lags are growing, higher and higher while server not going down from time out. I'm look all information by using OPIS. Realy don't know what I'm can to do with this situation. I'm using Forge, IC2 Exp 2.2.654, GT Addon 5.07, server working about 5 month.



    Trying remove all mods from server, still lagging hard...

    The hardware is:
    Intel® Core i7-4770

    32 GB DDR3 (On server 8 GB)

    SSD 240 GB

    If some body know the key to solve this problem, I'm will be realy happy to read.