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    Wow, should've figured there was something simple like that. Does this go after -jar cauldron.jar or before?

    My question about 1.9 backports still stands, though.

    EDIT: I can't launch KCauldron 1448 or 1492 now with FastCraft 1.22 test 14. Here's the error:

    Hello, Cauldron and KCauldron are still disabling FastCraft on launch. There have been multiple issues reported about this to the KCauldron devs, but they refuse to acknowledge that FastCraft has any optimizations that will help on top of Spigot.

    Personally, I don't believe this, as I've heard that FastCraft is using 1.8 worldgen code to speed things up, and I doubt Cauldron or Spigot devs thought of that.

    Second, I've heard that FastCraft 1.2.2+ will support KCauldron.

    That said, I've been trying all morning to disable this in Cauldron and KCauldron, as there is no config option, with no success. I have, however, identified the source code which does.

    In the source code:


    In the compiled code:


    If anyone can successfully modify these for KCauldron, I'd be interested in how you do it. Until then I guess we're waiting on KCauldron devs for support of FastCraft 1.2.2+.

    Finally, I have a question for Player: Will you be backporting the massive performance improvements in 1.9 to 1.8 and/or 1.7? There are particle improvements, chunk gen improvements, and lots more, and more are added in each snapshot.


    Hi, I have a bug with Java 7 and cauldron on 1.7.10. The only other mod I am using is RealisticWorldGen and the only other plugin is WorldBorder (to pregenerate chunks.)

    I want to use FastCraft to speed up the pregeneration process, but I get a crash when I use it.

    Here's the crashlog:

    The server works fine until I add fastcraft.