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    Hello, I just a have a question (surrounded by other questions) regarding the state of IC2 in 1.8.9 and above (I did testing in single player as well) as it seems like (at least to me and my friends) it's still in a state where most stuff is unusable. is this right? or are we missing something? let me explain a bit more. We have a 1.9.4 modpack and my friend who loves tech started working on ic2 and found he couldn't progress at all due to the cable not even being fully implemented far as recipes/textures (at least in our game). So it would be nice if I could get some feedback to explain my confusion since I can't find any info elsewhere regarding how things are in newer versions of IC2.

    Thanks for any further input ;)

    Thank you for the reply back and that's good it's most likely not Fastcraft :). anway maybe it's the same mod that's been making Mystcraft ages so resource intensive when loading... anyway I'll take my troubleshooting elsewhere thanks again for the input. ^^

    Hello I am reporting a crash when using Fastcraft 1.19 and Mystcraft 0.11.00. It only occurs when generating the libraries that Mystcraft adds to it's dimensions. The crash report mentions Fastcraft so I thought I should mention it. Hopefully it's nothing to big :)

    Hello Player,

    I am just letting you know I agree with the terms you have set regarding modpack distribution and have added the necessary information to the description. It will be part of the pack I put together called S.Y.N.M. - (So You Need Mods?) on the TechnicPlatform and hosted through there web server/API TechnicSolder. The link to the pack is here.