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    I'm surprised no one else had posted this yet (that I know of) but using the listed mods it is possible to convert tin to iron at a 1:1 ratio.

    1)Craft buckets out of tin.
    2)Smelt buckets in alloy furnace to get iron.

    This should probably be nerfed really (I would suggest having "tin buckets" similar to charcoal).

    Name: Concrete

    Description: Concrete would be a new fluid that would be somewhat similar to lava. Once placed it would harden after a few seconds, once hardened it would be rather strong (somewhere between obsidian and reinforced stone?). Because it is liquid it would need to have a cast so it is in the right shape (similar to using lava and water to make obsidian structures w/o a diamond pick.

    Recipe: Cement; I have no idea how to implement this though... anyone know how its actually made?
    Sand, Gravel, and/or Cobblestone

    This would be a relatively cheap material since it would spread from the source tile so you get multiple blocks from 1 bucket, however making the cast would be very time consuming making reinforced stone still a viable option.

    EDIT: I just realised that the tar suggestion is extremely similar... well I did check for people suggesting concrete.