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    1. So IC2 could make their own cables.
    4. Of course it has a transferlimit API! It's called "simulate".
    5. Sure it is! All RF mods care about is whether they get energy from itself, or to itself, or nothing. RF does not care what the cable is, it can even be an entity flying through the block (Geko's Lasers). Also, what connection request? BC caches everything.
    6. The April version had a bug. In Complication, everything burns. Entity damage can be done very easily and "how much energy went through cables" is easy to do, as BuildCraft already calculates the average per tick for rendering.

    I see you're putting yourself on a pedestal. It's not very wise to consider oneself the smartest who has beaten all other minds.

    1. Easily. The Enet problem is only on the side of the cables - if another mod provides its own, working cables, IC2's issue is solved.
    2. This would likely require a small tick handler, but it is doable.
    3. 1EU - 10RF was what the April Fools version did. 1EU - 4RF was achieved in a rather easy way - by comparing energy generation output and making sure it's equal. The time factor was not taken into account for power conversion.
    4. Have you watched Direwolf20's BC8 April Fools spotlight? This would be a bit more annoying with other RF mods (but can probably be solved on the pipe's side), but you can just use time as your second parameter. The amount of calls you can do to receiveEnergy() is not at all constrained.
    5. Have you ever used a Paintbrush on a BuildCraft Kinesis Pipe since BuildCraft 6.1.5 released in November 2014?
    6. Like what? Vague fearmongering "hype questions" are as bad as "hype answers".

    You seem to combine the API with the mods which typically implement such API. This is a terrible mistake, and not one I would expect from a reasonably experienced modder - an API is usually just an interface, really.

    It struck me as odd that if IC2 and BC were working together, why was BC taken by surprise by the announcement, and had to 'rush' their announcement? Sounds like a reason to explain why two big announcements would happen on the same day...

    I thought IC2 was going to announce the RF thing later... we were preparing our own announcement, but then IC2 posted it too early and we had to figure something out. I guess I can blame the IC2 devs for wanting to steal all the hype, however it kind of backfired, didn't it?

    This is only true because SpaceToad could not be trusted to manage any API ever and was bound and determined to destroy MJ's uniqueness and make it into a worse clone of RF. I didn't feel like going along for the ride so me and Railcraft got off the train.

    Even then, over a year of damage was far too much to ever get MJ resurrected with BC continuing to stay relevant. It'd take another major event the scale of the RF move for MJ to come back. But maybe there's another way?

    No Asie. Buildcraft should have simply changed their EnergyAPI a bit and everyone would have supported it still..
    The main reason why people left was because the API was simply: You have to do it our way and thats it...
    If you wanted to make a converter you had to constantly drain the Energy out of the custom battery in the old system to make it work.
    A simply IC2 API like thing: Receiver and Sender would have been enough... Switching to RF was the same solution but you got ride of what BC was worth for. Its own uniqe power system with Explosions...

    Explosions were only removed in BC 6.3.0, 2 months after moving to RF.

    As for "everyone": the BC 5.0 API (outdated for 6 months by the RF moving date) was supported by Forestry, RailCraft, Applied Energistics 2 and OpenComputers, not counting BC addons. The BC 6.0 API was supported by Applied Energistics 2 only.

    Combine that with how asie said that ditching MJ was perhaps the biggest mistake in the history of BuildCraft, and I think you are making a very serious mistake if you care about IC2 as a mod defined by its playstyle and design rather than sheer popularity.

    Ditching MJ was nowhere near the biggest mistake - it was actually a good decision in hindsight, as it means the mod still exists and can be enjoyed. One of the biggest mistakes was probably the lockdown of the MJ API by CovertJaguar, which is the single event that created RF in the first place and caused BuildCraft's downfall.