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    - Name/Nick
    Eastborn/Nik(Real Name)

    - MC-Forum Nick / IC-Forum Nick / Minecraft Acountname (preferable all of them)
    Eastborn / Eastborn / Eastborn

    - Age

    - Timezone you're living in, given in GMT +-x-
    I live in the Netherlands GTM + 1

    - The position you want to take, aka: what do you want to do?
    What i am most suited to do is modeling and animating in minecraft. But i am also a good bugfixer/bugfinder.

    - Previous experience on the position mentioned above? A good spot to throw links at previous projects/activitys of yours.

    I am modeler of Minecolony i modeled and custom animated the Farmer and deliveryman
    During that time i also learned of the code written by the other programmers, which included, pathfinding (highly processor efficient programming), Making new blocks, adding custom renderers, adding tile-entitys etc.