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    what gui id's did you use? im having the same issue

    Honestly me giving mine probably won't be something that would work for ya..but i will tell ya what I did..

    Because of the sheer amount of mods i had, I basicly figured I should find out what ALL the net GUI's are I went about opening up all configs for all mods and "collecting" IDs

    I placed these NetGUI IDs in a seperate file and "ordered" them via notepad++'s way of showing line numbers. (EG if it was say netGUI ID 5 I used line 5 of the doc I was creating...that is where I put the enitre line of code tthat used that ID)

    This way I was able to see the "big picture" on how many I had free.

    FYI: Most seem to either not know this or have it wrong, NETGUI's go from 1-256 from what I understand but you can not use number 1, I think..I might be wrong.

    I hope that helps.


    I am sorry for my anger, or disrespect, but I seemed to fix it.

    You see I was actually using EACH TIME, a netGUI that was used.

    How I had the unfortunate luck in always choosing an ID that was used, I am not sure.

    Thank you for responding, I pretty much fixed it about 5 mins after I posted that but then couldn't snip my post because of the forums going down.

    Thank you also for the amazing addon/mod!

    If I have any other issues I will make sure to post a full list of mods.

    With all do respect, I can not use this freaking mod until SOMEONE FREAKING TELLS ME WHY MY GUI'S ARE NOT WORKING.

    Forgive me for being impaitent, but I am in the processes of rebuilding a server, now the server is done, but the LAST THING I need is THIS bug to be fixed.

    Or someone could tell me what I am doing wrong with the config, I have set GUI's to so many differnt numbers just incase something might be using them or something..

    500 is not used...

    set macerator to 500 (client and server)

    start server, join, open macerator...CLIENT CRASH! WTF! WHY?

    Use defaults, ..nothing fucking works!

    I have PMed you both, but have not got a responce.

    For anyone else that has this working, please tell me and IRC to join or PM me and I will give you my TS3 info..

    Before I pull my hair out please.

    Thank you!

    I updated with the hotfix the second our server had the issue, since we actually never made a centrifuse.

    The error is gone, but now, there is no GUI, nothing happens when your right click the device.

    What did I do wrong?

    Also, there is no info in anything, minecraft states nothing is wrong.

    EDIT: Actually after the update NONE of the adv machine give a GUI

    SIDE NOTE ABOUT FORUMS: Guys change the text box background from grey to something else, it is hard to use your mouse over this since it turns this EXACT color when over the editor.