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    Aha, I didnt know that. Thanks for the detailed description :)

    All I'd like to do is to make sure that you cannot bypass anything in gregtech. The modpack I'm modifying for my server is all based around gregtech (BeyondReality) and I want to keep that as much as possible.
    As you've been worked on this, how does the oredict compatibility work for magnetite and pitchblende (and the other ores)? Can they survive next to each other or should it be disabled in RC?
    I thought about adding the RC ores as veins to gregtech, as one of the custom ore types.

    "Story behind": I want a better power system for my Server, as nuclear power in IC2 is a joke in terms of "alot of power" and I don't like the idea of having a few ultimate Solar panels powering several EBF, an ~800 EU/t AE network, and an ore processing plant for 5 full-speed quarries. No offense, just my personal opinion :)
    Also, I found a LOT of awesome scripts here which I will definitely add, because they absolutely rock! This is by far the best I've seen in a while.


    I'm playing around with IC2.ini, trying to make the gens more balanced for myself.
    However, I can't find a setting to increase the output of HU from a hot coolant reactor.
    How can I change how much HU/t is produced? There is only an option to increase direct EU output for non-coolant mode.
    Or can this just be added? Using IC2 v2.2.658-exp



    I've been following this thread for a while, and now that you guys talk about power production,
    I want to throw in a few things that I came up with on my Server.

    I run BeyondReality, which is a GT5 hardmode pack. (GT v5.07.06, IC2 v2.2.658 )
    Now that I've advanced to 512 EU machines, I was in need for some more power, and I build turbo diesel/steam gens.
    However, it seems to be impossible to power those, as you need 1,2 tungsten boilers for just one turbo steam turbine, and an ocean of
    nitro fuel to keep the turbo diesel running. While I was looking for other ways to get power for my GT machines, I build my first MV solar array
    (which is, as you all know, not cheap to build). Then I came across kinetic wind turbines; Very easy to make, and due to a bug in the modpack (or IC2?),
    they come with indestructible carbon rotors. (Reset to 100% on server restart or once it reaches meta value 65532+, not 100% sure yet)

    Long story short:
    - GT power gen above 128 EU is a pain to have, as it requires way too much ressources
    - Nuclear power gen is dangerous (of course it is!), does a fair amount of power, but also needs a decent setup for
    automatic refilling the chambers in order to have a steady EU/t for your base. Also, you need a source of uranium for the cells
    - LV/MV/HV solar arrays don't take fancy materials, but a ton of silicon/copper/redstone. But it's ok since they do free power
    - Kinetic wind turbines are... what? A full turbine (Kinetic power gen + kinetic wind gen + rotor) takes about 700 charcoal,
    90 iron ingots, 9 steel ingots and some redstone/copper, and they produce up to 159eu/t (that's the max I've seen for my base, I guess there can be even more).
    So I have 6 of them feeding one MFSU, feeding 6 MFE, feeding GT battery buffers.

    The modpack does have Advanced Solars, but since it's a 3rd party mod and has nothing to do with GT/IC2, I wont write about those.

    So, why should I ever build more solars or a nuclear plant, when I can just build 20 more kinetic gens and have free EU-power?
    And for the point of "sometimes there is no wind": MFE/MFSE isn't that hard to make, once you've reached the point where you need that much power,
    so you can easily skip the "no-wind" times.

    I can't really ask a question, I just think this somehow is not balanced (Or I'm doing something wrong here)
    IMHO, wind turbines should not outrun nuclear plants, even if they only have 1 chamber.
    (And the rotors should break, but that might be an issue that has been fixed already, or the modpack is messing up with IC2)

    Maybe someone can enlighten me on power production with GT/IC2, as it seems I'm missing something here :)