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    Well actually, it wouldn't be that bad if you want real realism.
    You say it would be several factors more complex but sadly this could be incorrect if you want all the **** recipes in the world!
    (just the most complex thing about this would be macro molecules but those ain't metals so Yeay!)

    shouldn't it be better to just give up on all the hardcoded recipe stuff?
    why not make metals made out of different molecules and different percentages of those molecules,
    and make blocks require something that's able to conduct energy or resist extreme temperatures?
    and make a crafting windows that looks if it should be able to create that block with the given needs.
    (I hope this isn't too much against the mc style)

    Hey Greg, is there any discernable difference between Ruby and Fool's Ruby? I have two (ID 8302 and 8303) and they're identical in every way. Same crafting recipes, same properties when crafted into tools, same name, same everything. Even make the same item ID of equipment when used. Just two that're slightly different, which I assumed one was fool's ruby..?

    wasn't fools ruby worse in gt5? maybe it will be the same for gt6

    The Gibbl limit of a chest is the maximum size of NBT data before Minecraft crashes.

    I thought that you could make a new file where you store your stuff outside of minecraft... so you could in theory have a infinite storage Yeay!

    It is a Unit for measuring Compression compared to the normal Density of an Object.

    I know, but the word is it a real thing because google couldn't really tell me what it was

    I don't think Greg would want to lose his "one and only" status. Although, that would be the most logical solution - while Greg could still continue to innovate with his API, he could make it more open to the community, that's for sure.

    Well it would be nice if blood adsp could help greg get his mod updated to gt6 :)

    There are actually bigger concerns. Some countries do not actually allow you to represent illegal substance use/abuse/manufacture in games. Even in America, doing so will cause it to be censored or else it can't be sold in public. Though the limits on that are incredibly lax ad there's a million ways around it. You can't actually tell someone how to make meth, tho. Breaking Bad had to cut a lot of scene for getting 'a bit too close' to being semi-realistic.

    Wait... does it NEED to be SOLD? because greg doesn't ask money for his mod

    If it is too easy, don't play in peaceful.
    It is fair to assume player expect to be relieved from some dangers and risk damages if he is playing peaceful.
    I'd add machines should not explode or catch fire in peaceful.

    Peaceful is all about rainbow unicorns, filling you a blow-job with fine tobacco, sitting close a fireplace, a good book and a glass of liquor at hand.
    You wake-up from your armchair, go kiss the pig roaming freely, hug your chickens, collect eggs, go ride your monkey for a bit of mining, the pass your afternoon smelting outdoor with your new Gregtech equipment.
    Creepers are a legend creature on a painting...

    What?? but peaceful mode is just to not get blown up by unrealistic monsters like zombies they don't exist and I don't think they should be a thing(or forced to be one)
    but just being hurt by your machines to you created should be a thing... maybe someone should create a new gamemode called "too easy" or something

    We're referring to standard pressure, and for the intended use of powering steam turbines or otherwise generating power. CONTEXT, MAN!

    I know but... you're trying to make the water expand so it's pressurized again to power your steam turbines
    (but that would probably just repressurize your reactor so it might not work all that well)

    Nuclear waste does not, in fact, produce enough heat to produce any power. An RTG requires that it produces at least enough heat to warm up a thermocouple to produce power. And the amount produced is very little, this is why a very radioative isotope is needed. A nuclear power plant would not normally produce byproducts strong enough to run an RTG. It would not really be enough to do more than maybe warm a cup of coffee. Plus the byproducts of fission are very diluted, spread out over a huge area. It would be very difficult to extract them into a concentrated area, and still not powerful enough to harvest any useful energy from.

    Well, didn't nuclear waste storage bunkers need to be able to withstand the 60°c that the nuclear waste would generate? (I know this isn't very warm at all!)
    but wouldn't it be possible somehow to undilute the waste?