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    Just sneak while right-clicking the reactor with a wire in hand, being able to build such a good circuit you should know that. I just don't know if directly on it placed isolated wire will work, if not just use bare.

    Also both of your circuits are really nice, makes you almost wanna try to make such a 5 sec reactor of doom :3

    Yeah I believe placing a bare wire directly on the reactor works, but if you're using a six chamber setup it has to be basic redstone feeding directly to one of the chambers, unless of course this has already been fixed?
    My timer for the reactor of doom, one lagspike though and you're screwed.
    Runtime: 5 secs
    Cooldown time: 7 mins 15 secs
    Effective EU/t: 33.03
    Total output: 480,000,000 EU

    A rather compact/simple timer also using RP2, same dependencies as described in OP.
    Using this setup you can run your reactor indefinitely, all you have to do is set the timers correctly and replace uranium cells as they expire.
    And here we have a handy little Reactor Planner which will give you all the info you need to properly set up your timers. Example reactor setup included.

    And if you want an override switch to turn the reactor off, and leave it off, you simply need to wire a lever to the output.

    The basic setup

    Generation timer, Example setup: 18 mins (for safety's sake lower than optimum).

    Cooldown timer, Example setup: 32 mins 30 secs

    Example setup with kill-switch, place bare redwire directly on reactor or run ordinary redstone dust into reactor or an adjacent chamber.