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    I want a circuit that can tell me when a storage block is full, but that requires something to send a high redstone signal to activate something, and the only thing that can tell if a MF(E/SU) is full is itself as far as I know.

    Name: Redstoned Power Storage

    I think it it would be cool if you could integrate a redstone torch in to batboxes/mfe/mfsu so that when its full it activates a redstone signal on itself for 1-5 seconds so that you could make automatic 2-way power lines that don't funnel energy both ways at the same time. If it provided its on redstone signal you could hook it up to a sr-latch that keeps the last full storage on until the opposite end is full. It would activate its own redstone trip the other off and funnel energy the other way.

    (Edit 1: small note is that you would have to reverse redstone mechanics for storage blocks, but the redstone torch could also be an inverter so it logically works there as well.)

    Recipe: Any energy storage block + a redstone torch in a shapeless recipe. A (adv) circuit could be added for balance reason.