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    Greg will you add fusion reactor in the future? Fussion reactor was the main reason why I started playing GT and hope that you will add it to GT6 is one of the reasons why I still keep it in my modpack (my friends hate it and are trying to convince me to get rid of it all the time xD).

    Hi Greg,
    I just want to post this little bug.
    The plate on the attached pictures should be a lead one. Instead it is named ".name". Everything about this plate is right - it behaves as lead plate, recipies containing it are working fine, only texture and name are wrong. So it's not essential for gameplay but it's annoying when you're looking for a lead plate and cant find it cause it exists in nei under diffrent, strange name and it doesn't look like a lead one.

    Is it really not there? There SHOULD be a Recipe for double Ingots to Plates. Edit: Just checked, there IS a Recipe for it. It is shaped 1 Hard Hammer above a Double Ingot of Copper.

    I don't know what really happened but when I updated from 6.00.57 to 58 those recipes magically appeared xd
    Anyway thanks for help and sorry for cusing confusion

    Hi guys,

    As I post here for the first time I'd like to say that I really like the idea of GregTech. I've been playing it since GT4 (if I can say it that way).
    Now I've got little problem (maybe it's stupid but let's try to ask): is it normal that I can't make lead or copper plates from double ingots?
    I started new game and realized that it's impossible to start. I can make bismuth plates so I have bismuth burning box. I aslo got ceramic crucible and mold but need chisel. And since I can't make copper nor lead plates and bismuth tools need tungstensteel rod I'm stuck with this burning box, crucible and mold not being able to use them.
    I already tried to serch through internet and on this forum but didn't found answer for my question. Also tried to change config but also unsuccessfully.
    Looks like I can't make plates from double ingots from material that are present in ic2 - lead, tin, copper, silver etc.

    I would be really thankful if anyone helped me