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    It's definitly a gui id conflict, Silentdeth: Miss here? Client and server is generating different gui ids...

    On client the gui id's is:

    1. guiIdIndustrialElectricEngine=94
    2. guiIdLargeElectricEngine=93
    3. guiIdMediumElectricEngine=92
    4. guiIdOilMaterializer=95
    5. guiIdPetrochemicalGenerator=90
    6. guiIdSmallElectricEngine=91

    And on server they are:

    1. guiIdIndustrialElectricEngine=104
    2. guiIdLargeElectricEngine=103
    3. guiIdMediumElectricEngine=102
    4. guiIdOilMaterializer=105
    5. guiIdPetrochemicalGenerator=100
    6. guiIdSmallElectricEngine=101

    Same problem here, really anoying, server is unplayable until i remove the mod again, then it works just fine :)

    How did you get the log when client crash?

    I get this error when using the "unoffcial" bukkit port, i know it's not offcial but maybe cpw will read this :) The error appears when i'm using BCIC2Crossover mod on an existing world, and here is the error from my console:

    I get this error with the server:

    I've tryed adding a "z" in front of the filename but doesn't work on my Linux server, think this is becaouse ModLoaderMp doesn't load mods in alpabetic order. Any fix for this, eventually Zippinus/cpw, could you try fix this?