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    I was just looking at the "Recipes_and_Resources" page on the wiki (from the link on the left menu). This confused me a lot - since a lot of information seems to have vanished.

    After some research I noticed that the page I was looking for "Recipes_and_Resources_(experimental)" is still there - but its no longer linked on the menu on the left. Also the download page in the wiki feels wrong.

    Did something happen there?

    I do agree with the original request - crafting glass fiber cables feels way to expensive - so I kind of avoid using them. I think if the recipe would yield more cable (e.g. 16) it would feel more alright.

    Also having two energium dust is much. Maybe one could be replaced with quartz or obsidian dust or lapis lazuli dust.

    So my suggestion is:
    Replace one energium dust with one obsidian dust.
    Recipe should yield 8 cable.