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    Hello everyone, I'm a bacteriologist. I'm working in a clinical lab. I don't know how to code, but I have a lot of ideas.
    What about a microbiology addon?

    Disclaimer: English isn't my native language, sorry :D

    Some features of the mod:

    • Ability to find new microbes (perhaps and have some genetic engineering to have new microbes).
    • New food created with bacteria.
    • Food spoils (modded too) for X days (change it in the config). You have to pasteurize food to store it longer.
    • Diseases. You may know DiseaseCraft. My FPS is too low when I'm using this mod, it's so stupid. Also we can't craft vaccines in this mod. It sucks.
    • We can add electricity from bacteria and some mechanisms.
    • We can do science with PCR and electrophoresis, modern research methods.

    Also. I don't like easy recipes and mechanisms give you 1 diamonds from 64 dirt. It isn't interestingly.

    How to find microbes:

    1) The simple way is to put Petri dish to the ground (from air).
    Example: there are fish trap and animal trap in Pam's Harvest Craft. They spawn random stuff inside (using lure of course). We can use the similar solution.
    2) The middle level. Use apparatus to get more interesting microbes from air, water and dirt.
    3) The advanced level. Use genetic ingeneering to get cool strains.

    List of food:

    • Beer (dark and light);
    • Yoghurt (with different flavors);
    • Kefir;
    • Wine from juice;
    • Bread (brown);
    • Sauerkraut;
    • Cheese, blue cheese, cottage cheese;
    • Sour cream;
    • Soy sauce;
    • Alcohol. // perhaps for lab burner and for vodka too :D

    ...and more

    Shewanella oneidensis and Geobacter sulfurreducens use glucose to produce 0.01 W/m2 energy in solt water.
    Delftia acidovarans can help with extract metals.
    *names of microbes are always italic.

    Okay, how is the simplest lab looks like?

    How to cook some food?
    What about a mug of beer?

    We need:
    1. Malt;
    2. Hop;
    3. Sugar;
    4. Water;
    5. AND YEAST!

    First, let's obtain yeast. It's fungi and Saccharomyces cerevisiae can live in water. Water that consists yeast should be a little bit darker than regular one.
    We fill an ordinary bottle with water. Now we need to identificate what microorganisms in it.
    For this we need a microscope and methylene blue stain.
    Let's craft a microscope slide from glass. Use a pipette to move a little water to the microscope slide. Then put it above a burner to fixation. After this we can stain. Just pour out methylene blue. Then pour distilled water to the microscope slide.
    After this we put the slide to the microscope. Bacilli, cocci and yeast look different. Bacilli is like a wand, cocci is like a ball, and yeast is like a really big ball.

    For identification of species we use biochemical tests. It means we have several test-tubes with different substances. To make it's easer look at the table. S. cerevisiae changes the colour of substance A and does not has any interaction with B. And vice versa.

    Okay, we have yeast.
    I did not tell you that all utensils must be sterile? That's why we need to built an autoclave. There high pressure can get high temperature like 120°C. It makes sterile because of the very hot steam.
    We add in a saucepan all stuff except yeast and sugar and boil it.
    Then we need cool it quickly. If we do it for a long time you will be poisoned. Yes, we need to build a refrigerant. After this we add yeast and sugar.
    Fermentation takes without O2, let's close the saucepan.
    Beer restores more hunger if it stores a month.

    Thank you for your attention. If you don't like it I hope you learned something new from it. :D

    Hi guys can you help me one more time? :D

    One guy said me to change String to <minecraft:string>, but it doesn't work. Now it works like this Why vanila torch recipes exist? Also, can't craft a torch with a coal and a stick.
    I also tried do like this
    recipes.addShaped(<RealisticTorches:TorchUnlit> * 4, [

    [Coal, <minecraft:string>],

    [Stick, null]]);
    It doesn't work too.
    Also, this code works fine with Enviromine, but I decided to use torches from Realistic Torches and so I'm here :\
    I told about it to Realistic Torches's autor but he said several players use minetweaker with his torches.

    But all recipes don't work, not only the clock.
    I fix ")".
    Still don't work. The log


    1138 line:
    recipes.addShaped(<minecraft:clock>), [