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    Is everyone else able to set the temperature on the thermometer sensor? I whack the sensor with a screwdriver until <0000K appears and try to whack the buttons to set the temperature but it only averages.

    Edit: Just found out you need to whack the buttons by hand to set temperature

    Moar Steam! Gotcha.

    Yeah I see that with the efficiency now. I always assumed that was whatever steam you put in get's converted to KU at 50% efficiency.


    One bug I noticed is sometimes when a tool breaks halfway through a stack (like saw etc.) stuff disappears. Either the scrap or sometimes even materials. I can't reproduce it every time though.

    Edit2: Forgot to mention that that pic was taken after it was already cooled down. I had it running through almost a stack of charcoal and nothing happened. No explosion either. I fired it up today again and left it running for a good 15 minutes. The engine turned green but the squeezer wouldn't work. On closer inspection I noticed the engine was flickering slightly. The boiler stayed level so all steam was being consumed. The steel steam boiler should be enough, shouldn't it? It produces 64l steam/t and the steel engine takes 64. If I add another boiler to this setup then I'll have an overproduction of steam and one of the boilers will explode.

    What 50% loss are you talking about? The one when you convert KU to RF or what? The Input and Output Values in the Tooltip are clearly stating the proper Outputs regarding supplying GT Machines.

    The 50% loss Bear brought up. If the tooltips are right why doesn't the steel steam engine power the squeezer? It says the squeezer needs 32KU/t (16 to 64). Can you or anyone confirm that 16 to 64 are min and max values?

    Here's a pic of my setup:…enshot/642124127286832482

    Also, I'm streaming a custom modpack with Gregtech 6 on twitch if anyone is interested pretty much every day:

    running the squeezer on steam power

    I tested today with steal and it still isn't enough power, do to the 50% efficiency. unless I'm wrong it will need to be titanium to work, witch is nuts!

    edit: titanium works

    What is this with 50% efficiency? If the tooltip says that the steel engine puts out ~16KU/t I need to substract 50% from that or what? Why does the tootip not show 8 KU/t then? Where does it say that with efficiency? Is that again prior knowledge I need or is it actually documented in the game somewhere? If it isn't that is complete bullshit and bad game design.

    Are these new pipes supposed to burn you from 3-4 blocks away or is something bugged on my side? If it's supposed to be like that (I hope not) then why doesn't the boiler and the burning box act the same?

    How do I get rubber? I know I need a squeezer and a coagulator, I can't get the squeezer to work though. It says in the tooltip that the Bronze squeezer needs 32KU/t (16 to 64). I assumed that 16 was the minimum and 64 the max, so I built a Steel steam engine which supplies 16KU/t. Doesn't work though. Do I really need to build a chromium engine? Why do all those low level engines exist then? Just for the hammer?

    Did you know that there is a Subscription Feature on Youtube? And did you know that you can set it so that it notifies you per Email whenever a Video is uploaded?

    Yes I'm already subscribed. That was just me subtly telling him to hurry up.

    edit: And yes the book of alloys helped. Somehow I missed all those iron recipes. And yes, I feel really stupid now. I didn't assume iron was an alloy.

    Still, it would be nice if those manuals were craftable. Combat isn't really my thing and having to scale dungeons with a flint sword to get those books sucks. A handheld cheap thermometer for the crucible would be nice too. Yeah yeah I know were supposed to do the math but in reality you wouldn't do that.

    edit2: The information how to smelt impure iron ores should be in the Material dictionaries.

    I hate cheating stuff in but I did cheat in the smelting crucible manual, which doesn't tell me anything how to make iron. The material data books for iron, banded iron, magnetite, dark ashes, ashes and carbon don't tell me anything either. How are you supposed to get the books if you need the material to craft them first?

    edit: can someone tell me at least if i'm on the right path with my reasoning? I admit I'm not studied in that stuff it would be nice if there was something, anything any tip please!!!

    No just for regular iron. I put 7 Magnetite dust and 2 small piles of dark ashes into the crucible but nothing happens. 7 Magnetite should come out to 2 Oxygen according to the material data book, which means I should need 1 carbon to make Co2, right? Since one regular pile of dark ashes contains 2 carbon according to the material data book, 2 small piles should give me 1 carbon. Where am wrong?

    Using the crucible is very easy, but getting yourself to watch it until you get a thermometer setup is a problem for some. always wanting to do something rather than watch the pot NOT boil is the biggest problem. then you have limonite, magnetite and banded iron processing, witch if you dont know what all the ratios are already you have to play with it to get it right. these are all the reasons that for some that make the crucible hard, witch if you think about it Greg its harder that insert 8 dust and 1 charcoal, leave cook, and retrieve 8 ingots. the concept and use of a crucible is simple, but more complex than what most are used too. Now with that all said this is what I absolutely love about the crucible, even lead, tin, copper, etc than can be cooked in a furnace I smelt in a crucible.


    For the love of god what are those ratios already? How do you find that shit out? Am I supposed to burn through more crucibles and materials? I have searched this thread for hours and not one mention of it.