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    I also found another Bug with the large Gas turbine (controller facing north, Hv dynamo Hatch). If you attach a Cable with Bat Buffer (1 Slot) at the dynamo hatch, the turbine outputs energy normally in the Bat Buffer and the buffer is recharging. But if you attach a Bat Buffer with 4 or more slots, no energy will be transferred. I did not test it exactly with the smaller ones but if you attach the 16 Slot Bat Buffer, a certain amount of Energy will get Suck out of the Bat Buffer instead of charging him no matter wich direction he is facing. I don t know wether this is a problem of the Bat Buffer or the Dynamo hatch, anyway with small steam turbines the Bat buffers work perfect (no matter which size).

    Sorry, It was East. I used a Small Thaumiun turbine.
    I did a really quick test, and on the first try, I put a battery buffer directly on the dynamo hatch output, and it did not seemed to work (maybe I just put it wrong, though). After that, I used one cable to attach the dynamo to buffer, and it started to charge.

    Edit: I used steel inputs and a MV dynamo hatch, if it makes difference. Two inputs at the sides, Maintenance and output on top.

    And thanks to Asp, for clarifying about the ratios =).

    Thx for your Answer but I cant reproduce that with my turbine facing north. I did not try it with turbine controller facing east. Anyway, if the Turbine controller displays perfect running, the dynamo hatch should output energy no matter what direction the Turbine is facing and which turbine rotor is used and so on. I think the Turbine is a bit buggy :) I don t think i did something else wrong. placing a cable and a macerator/battery buffer (i tested both) at the dynamo hatch should work for an energy test.

    Energy Hatch? Turbine needs a Dynamo hatch.

    ye, Sorry mindbug. I used a dynamo hatch ofc. So many hatches and Buses, theres enough Potential for writing something wrong XD.


    I tried one last weekend on creative and it worked, using a GT large bronze/Steel boiler, I think It was facing West, GT 5u.19.
    Can anyone help with those questions, please?

    That s not Possible. The turbine multiblock is only building up when it s facing South or East in 5u.19. Which turbine Rotor did you use?

    I Didn t test all of the Turbines. Possibly it s a Problem of the Turbine Rotor. Small Gold and Small Osmium and all creative Turbines (small/medium...) didn t work. At least not for me.

    Did you hit it with a soft hammer? Steam produced by which mod?

    I hit it with a Rubber Hammer. No effect at all. Even after i went crazy with hitting it. Turbine Controller displays still perfect working, steam still doesn t get consumed, turbine still doesn t get any damage, output still stays empty. I tested it again today with turbine controller facing north with small gold turbine, Hv and Lv Energy hatch and Gregtech Bronze steam boiler. I think it would also work with the railcraft Boiler since the "Railcraft" steam works in the small turbines. However, the Railcraft Boiler was no part of this Test. In the end i even tested hitting it with a normal hammer until Input and output was enabled again. Still no effect. I m Really surt, that this Test results would be the same when the Turbine is facing East. I didn t test that becaus i was very sure, that I already tried that before (like 99% sure).

    I Tested wether it is a Facing problem of the Turbine controller or not. Seems like the Turbine has also some problems to build up while the turbine controller is facing South and West. North and East works fine. At least that would match with Chloes Post. However, if the Turbine Controller is facing north and east, there s still no energy output or steam consumption.

    I can approve that Bug. My Large Steam turbine Controller , running with a small Osmium Turbine is facing East and does neither output any Energy on its HV energy output, nor consuming any steam from a Gregtech Steam boiler or a Railcraft High pressure Steam boiler. My Turbine is perfectly repaired and displays perfect running. The bug was already in the previous version (that s why i updated to the newest version).

    I have to say, that i' m using Forge, anyways, my modpack is not running with the newest version of forge (... 1448 ) and i m too tired to fix that now. I will try that out tomorrow and give an Update about it.

    Edit: Nope, newest Forge doesn t fix it. At least not for me.