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    Well in know the recipe i made was expensive, but i think it should be when adding more inventory space. And thats also the reason why i don't want any of the other mods out there adding more inventory space, they are way overpowered. But it was ofc just my suggestion, and i know Alblaka will make the final recipe balanced.
    Still the support for other mods like the Railcraft crowbar, RP screwdriver and BC wrench would be nice, but i don't know how you modders do these cross compatibility things.

    A toolbox in your inventory that allows you to store ONLY your tools (Drill , chainsaw, wrench, scanners, treetaps...) maybe even some compatibility with some other forge mods if its not to big of a problem.

    :Refined Iron: :Refined Iron: :Refined Iron:
    :Refined Iron: :Refined Iron:
    :Iridium: :Personal Safe: :Iridium:

    Edit: Seems like the the recipe is a little bugged sry, but you get the idea.

    Chernobyl Thistle - Tier 15:
    - Very slow grow speed, produces uranium and only grows on uranium blocks.
    - Glows green, and give players and mobs a green glow if touched.
    - Explodes if not harvested in time, turns nearby pigs into aggressive zombie pigmen.
    - Flower, green, explosive, mutator.

    Nether Rose - Tier 12
    - Fast grow speed, turns dirt into netherrack, Spreads if its possible? (It would be so cool to see a nether rose infested miecraft area :D), drops blaze powder.
    - Red/yellow fiery look, has a small chance to set nearby neatherrack on fire.
    - Flower, green, flammable.

    Cotton - Tier 7
    - Medium grow speed. produces wool
    - Wheat with white dots

    Tesla bush - Tier 10
    - Slow grow speed, slowly charges a players electronic equipment, when standing near it.
    - Looks like leaves with blue dots, glows blue, hurts players when harvested, might be used in future recipes.
    - Bush, electric.

    Araneolus lignum (My Google translate for spider tree)- Tier - 8
    - Medium grow speed, Spawns spiders and cob webs.
    - Looks like normal trees but darker
    - Tree, spawner

    Wouldn't it be cool if you didn't have to take off you lappack, jetpack and other rechargeable items, every time they need recharging? But instead you just walk into your recharge booth (a block you stand on, or something) and it charges you up. I don't know if its possible to write, but here is the idea at least. Also I'm hoping the lapjet is on the drawing board. TY For a great mod, minecraft wouldn't be the same without it :)