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    ummm ultimet doesnt have iron in it so no that doesnt work, that is for stainless steel. as netmc said humanalien helped me figure out, and we showed in a video that you need to get the crucible about 400K above the combining temp so it is at or above the combining temp when you trow in the chrome.

    I'm so unmindful. Yes, ofc you're right.

    How do you make Ultimet in a crucible? Like Nichrome, it requires Nickel and Chromium, but Nichrome is made at a lower temperature, so by the time the crucible is hot enough to make Ultimet, the nickel and chrome you need to make it has already fused to become Nichrome.

    Try throw Chrome after Nickel+Iron turn into Invar.

    If you use even smaller pipes then that wont fix the issue for sure. You should have tried bigger Pipes instead.

    I have placed my Boilers to one side. That worked for me.
    But now i have another trouble - SteelCentrifuge(64 to 256 RU/t) can't process CinnabarDust(32 RU/t), but all is OK for NetherrackDust(64 RU/t).
    AluminiumElectrolyzer, despite i have placed two StrongSteelBoliers to one side, can't process Cassiterite(48 EU/t), Speryllite(48 EU/t) and Cobaltite(48 EU/t) Dusts, but can process Chalcopyrite(64 EU/t) or Hematite (80 EU/t).
    Sooo... you have suggested to use bigger pipes... and i did it, because steam level has fluctuated, like last time i wrote you (some time MagnifyingGlass displays "Pipe is empty"). And your suggestion hasn't helped (I used bronze 900L/t pipe instead of steel 600L/t).

    May be calcification of the boiler?

    No, i use distilled water. And the MagnifyingGlass says "No Calcification in this Boiler". Привет россиянам! =)

    One more report to Greg: the trouble remains even if i replace one of steel pipes (200L/t) by bronze pipe (150L/t). That's ridiculous because, as i said, Boilers summarily generate 176 Steam/t. How can it be insufficient steam to make pipe filled every tick?

    Did you symmetrically connect the Pipes from the Boiler to the Turbines? Also, did you make sure the Math was done 100% right? GT6 is a bit Maths heavy I know.

    No, i didn't connect them "symmetrically"(may be misunderstood), connection is T-like(SteelBolier=="T"==SteelBoiler+BronzeBoiler) with pipe to Turbine on the bottom side. But does it really necessary to connect them symmetrically? The flow IRL must be constant, but in game it's fluctuate(saw that with MagnifyingGlass).
    Math have to be right because of Electrolyzer was working fine some time before i reloaded the savegame. I dunno how output is being calculated (is it linear everywere, not only at min/middle/max input?), but Boliers generate summarily 176 Steam/t for (48-192 Steam/t) InvarTurbine. That could give 58,7(if linear) RU/t in, which could give 39,1(if linear) EU/t. And 32EU/t is needed for Salt=>Chlorine+Sodium recipe.

    Pipes transfer fluids and gasses by packages, so in there isn't constant flow. Consequently, my Electrolyzer(+Dynamo+SteamTurbine) connected to 2xSteel+1xBronze boilers through steel (200L/t) pipes does not work properly (at all for 32EU/t recipes), because of not getting stable 32EU/t.
    But why, in the name of God, Invar SteamTurbine(64 to 192) connected to StrongSteamBoiler does not work too? Should not it just withdraw steam by same packages?
    So i have to ask: "Should it be that way?". Machines even worked properly some time, before i loaded savegame. Sorry for my English.

    The "Subject" speaks for itself. Still use "Dense Burning Box (Solid, Bronze)"+"Strong Steam Boiler Tank (Bronze)"+"Small Steel Fluid Pipe"+"Strong Steam Engine (Bronze)"+Machine. If i disconnect pipe and connect again, it works some small time, and then stops again.
    UPD1: That's interesting: it worked fine some time since i replaced GT mod file. I processed near the stack of ores.
    UPD2: That's funny now. You can see always on the screenshot. Just look at the steam level in golden fluid pipe(BuildCraft, max=80mB/t).

    There are two things why this is happening. 1. You don't supply enough Steam, but lets assume that you do supply enough Steam so it might be 2. Are you sure it is periodically stopping? An Engine makes a forward/backward movement, meaning the Energy emitted is negative half of the time. GT Machines even require this negative pulse of Energy to finish the process. It requires a lot of fine tuning to get the proper Engine/Machine combo for what you are doing. Someone should really do a tutorial on that.

    2. When it works, it lights, and the connected machine works. When it works continuously, it lights continuously, and the machine works continuously. But as it is now, engine lights not continiously and the process progress bar in machine is some time enlarges, and then cancels.
    Hmm, i have one idea for your burning boxes. Now, when "inside" of it is any burnable item, i can't put in another "type" burnable items(tested with Alumentum(Thaumcraft) inside and Pyrotheum Dust(Thermal Expansion) in hand). But, as soon as burning box starts work, we all the same can't get our items back. So, is there any reason for prohibition of putting another items?

    You cannot get rid of them, once they are there they are broken forever and cannot be unbroken. Empty Ores only happen in corrupted Save Files, did you do anyrthing to accidentially corrupt your File?

    Judging by what I read in the Q/A, it may be caused by using newer MC Forge version.

    The existence of that ore in my save, indicates the presence of other errors that may prevent enjoy this mod?

    Hi guys. Forgive me for asking, perhaps a stupid question, but for me it's pretty important. The existence of a certain number of "Empty Ore" in one of my saves - is this normal? And if this is a bug, how you can get rid of it? I use MC 1.7.10, ic2 v2.2.742 and GT v6.00.48.

    In advance thank you. And thanks to GTranslate.

    P.S. Ummm ... Line breaks are some strange here.