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    Yes mention of asteroids should appear in the config like this once you visit the Asteroids and ONLY once you visit them:

    1. copper { I:Amount_16=16 B:Enabled_true=true I:MaxHeight_120=120 I:MinHeight_60=60 S:Ore_Copper=Copper dim { B:Asteroids_true=true B:Atum_true=true B:Barnarda_C_true=true B:Betweenlands_true=true B:Mars_true=true B:Overworld_true=true } }

    As for that Worldgen Crash Issue, are you secretly using some world pregeneration mod of the sorts?

    No, no extra mods.

    Only gregtech_1.7.10-6.11.05, Galacticraft 501 and Forge 1614. Even the configuration files left by default

    I reinstalled the client again. Added only the mods "gregtech_1.7.10-6.11.05" and "Galacticraft 501".

    Having visited all the worlds, I got this content in "gregtech.log":

    There are ore on the moon and Mars, but not on asteroids. As well as the ability to configure ores for asteroids in the configuration file.

    Mention of asteroids should appear in the file "worldgenerationnew.cfg"?

    I set the version of gregtech_1.7.10-6.05.41 1 time to see what will happen, since Galacticraft support was added to it. I agree that this is a stupid idea.

    The rest of the time I used the version gregtech_1.7.10-6.11.05.

    Now I tried to start the server with a list of mods:

    The logs showed me the following errors:

    server latest.log

    This remains after trying to use the version of gregtech_1.7.10-6.05.41.

    Here is what I get in the file "worldgenerationnew.cfg" after visiting the worlds of Galacticraft, deleting it first.

    Installed assembly 501 and I still could not get the generation of GT6 ores on asteroids.

    Tested in the client with Forge version 1614. I don’t understand what I'm doing wrong:(

    List of mods

    GT6 "worldgenerationnew.cfg" which i got

    GalactiCraft "core.cfg"


    In the asteroid world, Galacticraft does not generate GT6 ore. In the configuration file for the moon and Mars, generation settings appear, for asteroids there. Mods Version:



    Tested in the client. There are no other mods affecting the generation of the world. I do not observe errors in the logs associated with generation.