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    For whatever reason when I use the Energy Sensor Kit on the Batbox or Generator from IC² (and I'm assuming the rest of the IC2 energy units, though I haven't tested any others yet) I'm receiving an RF Energy Sensor Location Card, as opposed to the regular one; so the information panel shows nothing for the Batbox/Generator (I assume it's looking for RF output and not EU). I don't know how to rectify this, nor do I know how to use a /give command to trade out the RF card for a regular one at the same location. I've a temporary solution right now which is creating two cards, making an array card (for one batbox), and using that in the information panel. It's a pain and gives me more information than I need, but it works. I'm using FTB's Inventions 1.0.1 Mod pack, but I've also added Gregtech and a number of other mods to the mix. I just don't understand why I'm receiving RF cards from EU machines. If I could figure out the /give command for switching them out I wouldn't mind that, but I couldn't find out how to do this anywhere online, so I'm hoping some of the fine folks here may offer a solution.


    Edit: I took a look through the .class files with jd-gui and it seems like the sensor is supposed to autodetect ic2 machines as default output EU, so I assume whatever mod is doing automatic inventory unification is causing an RF card to pop into my inventory. I tried using Minetweaker3 to make a shapeless recipe to convert the RF one to the regular one and it works, but resets the coordinates to 0,0,0. I'm thinking of either going through the source and just clipping out the RF crossover (the modpack comes with power-converts mod), or trying to figure out how to spawn one with coordinates if it is possible. I'm wondering if Techreborn seemed to be trying to auto-unify my inventory (at least I believe it was Tech Reborn), so I may start with checking out that, but I needs my info screens :P

    I met the same problem, all the cards are configured for RF storage :C
    I solved this problem by using In-Game NBTEdit: I just changed the ID
    Almost without cheating! :P