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    I actually really like that idea. SUPPORT.

    Just to clarify the problem, though, adding more sorters won't simply fix the problem. Let's say I have 3 macerators, and I set the filter for all of them to be Iron ore, copper ore, etc. This will cause the ore to be put into the first available machine. This creates for a very efficient distribution system. However, if 3 isn't enough, then adding another sorting machine won't help this distribution unless the side that leads to this sorting machine is guaranteed to be last. However, I just thought of another feature that would fix this problem:

    4) ability to order which sides are sorted first. If I could set this priority, then I could come up with a distribution system by chaining sorting machines.

    That explains it! Would be great if someone could update the wiki. I would do it myself but I need to know the specifics. Is it the fence next to the magnitizer, plus 20 up and 20 down?

    Ever since the Magnetizer was re-worked around 724, it has not worked for me at all. I would file a bug, but I'm curious why no one else has mentioned this (maybe no one uses it since the jetpack is easily obtainable?). I want to get clarification if anyone else is having the issue. The wiki says that you must hold right-click on the iron fence and jump. This doesn't work. I've tried different kinds of boots, but none of them work.

    1) Please make the Electric Sorting Machine compatible with the pulling upgrade. This will allow pulling from non-IC2 machines. Currently the only way to do this that I know of is buildcraft pipes.

    2) Would it be technically possible to allow for more item filters on each side? More would be much better.

    3) I know it's called an electric item sorter, but some way to use it without having cabling connected to it would make it amazing (an advanced sorting machine, maybe?). I find an electric item sorter is the best way to evenly distribute work across multiple machines. However, in most cases i have an input, output, and cable, that leaves me with a max of 3 machines that I can distribute among. I can add an extra machine by coming up with a system where the input and output are the same side, but that gets really messy and ugly. Freeing up an extra side would make things much neater.