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    Read this:
    You will find everything there, especialy why your efficency is so low.

    That page was very helpful although it didnt explain my lack of efficiency. But nevertheless i finally found it! i swapped from an HV Dynamo Hatch to an EV Dynamo hatch and ran my tests again.
    I now get 1.073.150 EU from a 60 sec run. that is almost on par with the LV Gas turbine, probably better if i include transformer losses.

    willis936 i didnt need fludi regulators in this case since i used a single Ender IO Fluidduct (highest tier) to pump the biogas in. and since the turbine couldnt comsume it faster than i supplied it i dont think my supply of Biogas was the problem.

    Thank you guys very much !

    Now my last question:

    the wiki says that a Turbine may comsume up to 150% of its optimal flow, but that it will waste the surplus Gas.
    Does that mean that i cant just pump all my Biogas in and that I need to supply EXACTLY the optimal flow to the turbine?

    Thank you for your quick answer ;)

    I cant believe I didnt think of the spin up time...

    I tested it again, this time with letting it spin up for 5 minutes.
    I got 614.440 EU @ 512EU/t @ 1 Amp out of a 1 minute Run (i came to the same value after letting it spin up for only 1 minute).
    The Biogas consumtpion rate was 40 Buckets in 57seconds (measured until the animation on the front of the turbine came to a stop) .
    That means I used 40 Buckets of biogas for 614.440 EU.
    That means I got 245.760EU out of 16 buckets. That is a big improvement over my previos value, but is still only 60% of the Energy I would get out of the small LV Gas turbine.

    Again I got a few qurestions:
    Has the large Gas turbine internal liquid storage seperat from the input hatch? iam asking this because it kept spinning for a few seconds after the hatch was empty and i included this time into my calculation.
    would you mind explainign to me what exactly is meant by the 115% efficency the Rotor talks about?
    And did I do it correctly this time ? :D

    I would like to thank you all for making this thread, it has helped me immensly!

    Hey there,

    Iam playing on Gregtech5U 5.08.30 on the Beyond Reality Pack.
    Since the IC2Biomass can be distilled in the Distillation Tower I have been playing arround with Biogas and the Large Gas turbine.

    As a Baseline I used te LV Gas Turbine because it has the highest efficiency of all the "small" Gas Turbines with 90%. I get 25600EU @32EU/t out of every SINGLE Bucket of Biogas and it takes me 40 seconds to process. Which means I get 409.600EU @ 32EU/t @ 16 Amps for every 16 Buckets of Biogas.

    Then I build a Large Gas Turbine with an HV Dynamo Hatch and an EV Fluid Input Hatch.
    when Iam using a normal Tungstenstell rotor I get 98.304 EU per 16 Buckets of Biogas I use. The Processing of these 16B takes 27seconds. When I divide the 98.304EU by (27*20) i get 182EU/t.
    This confuses me, because the Tungstensteel rotor has an optimal Gas flowrate of 500EU/t. Iam pumping the Biogas into an EV Input Hatch and the Turbine isnt using it nearly as fast as I supply it. I expected that i would get atleast 500 EU/t out of this setup. Another Problem is that the LV Gas Turbine crushes the Large Gas Turbine in terms of efficiency and output. Even after I account for the losses of transforming it up to HV.

    Last but not least the semifluid Generator of Vanilla IC2. If i put 1B of Biopgas into this thing it get a whopping 31.984EU @ 32EU/t out of it. This beats even the small LV Gas turbine.

    It seems to me that the Large Gas Turbine is not worth its cost especially if I consider the semifluid Generator AND that the Rotor degrades over time and Iam effectively "burning" tungstensteel. My Question to you guys is: am I doing something wrong or did I misunderstand something ?
    If not, is there some way to tweak the large Gas Turbine to atleast compete with its smaller brother?

    Hey there,

    I have another question regarding the EBF.
    I want to make tungsten, the recipe says that in order to convert tngsten dust into hot tungsten ingots, I need 120EU/t with unspecified Voltage and Amperage for 500seconds.

    My question is, can I overclock the blast furnace by using HV or EV energy hatches? Or is there another way to make it go faster than 8 1/2 minutes per ingot.

    Thank you very much in advance, this thread has helped me alot ;)

    Does anyone know about "Transformer loses"?
    I read about it somewhere and I would like some actual numbers and cant find them anywhere else.

    Iam currently using 6 railcraft tubines which feed into a MFSU which output into a HV transformer and then into a MV transformer which should get me 16 Amps of 128 Volts (Assuming the MFS outputs at 2048EU/t).
    But it doesent feel like that much energy is delivered to my machines.
    Is there something wrong with my maths or did I misunderstan dsomething ?

    Hey there,

    iam currently powering my Beyond Reality MV-Age Base with 2 Large Steel Boilers and 4 advanced Steam Turbines. I just finished setting up my auto ore processing system and now I need more power.

    I really like the principle of the large steam turbine but after a bit of testing I noticed that it BURNS through materials like nothing else.. A small titanium rotor lasted me roughly 3 hours... and with 28 titanium per rotor this wont be sustainable..

    my questin is now: is there a material you would prefer over titanium? I plan on building a normal Rotor and want to use approx. 48.000L/sec.

    My second question is: what power system do you guys use to transition into HV age? i was thinking about nuclear energy.