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    There seems to be a problem shown in a 'Magnetite->Steel' page, it shows that even with 5000000 coal in an Invar burning box a ceramic crucible will not melt.

    Looks like you figured this out yourself - I hadn't anticipated people wanting more than 4 stages of conversion at once, the answer was indeed to extend it to a 5th stage. I tidied up the extension to note it's the fifth one and the status box to use the fifth stage temperature.

    what Bug you talking about, that I am apparently not supposed to know of?

    A bug in my spreadsheet, not your crucible!
    Though on the point of bugs, I still maintain there is a problem with the magnetite->iron crucible recipe in .62, it doesn't match the electrolyzer recipe and changed since previous versions. 21 tiny piles instead of 7 regular is quite a difference.


    I'm not going to take any responsibility for people blowing things up after using it...
    I'd like to tidy it up sometime, maybe over Xmas...
    It doesn't have all the crucibles or materials or conversions entered into it, though they should be addable if you want one it doesn't have.
    On that note, don't assume it will warn you of all possible conversions that you might do accidentally, since it doesn't know them all. Check yourself.

    Usage notes (you should be able to edit it):
    What I've been doing is copying the Crucible Base sheet for each set I wanted to do, just to save the settings.
    Adding new conversions or materials etc is done in the Data Store sheet.

    I actually have a google doc spreadsheet for the early game crucible runs... it doesn't seem to be 100% accurate, and there is one bug I'm aware of involving having the same item in the crucible twice, but it's usually about right. I could see my way to sharing it if people would be interested...

    I'm not sure when it changed... but the recipe for magnetite in the crucible seems a bit excessive at the moment. 3 iron from 21 tiny piles of magnetite (or 6 with carbon!) means that 1378kg of material going in gives 2622kg of material out... or with carbon, 1001kg going in results in a whopping 5244kg coming out.

    Not sure if the mass numbers are intended to be representative, but even so, magnetite only using 1 dark ash for 3 iron seems to suddenly make iron very easy... was this intentional?

    I've tested it a bit more, I still haven't been able to get a .52 boiler to work - but even in the same world if I downgrade to 0.51 the boiler I already placed starts to work. (Replace 0.52 with 0.51 jar, delete config folder, delete GregTech.cfg and .lang)
    Repeat the process and upgrade back to .52 and the boiler stops working. It maintains the compression it had when I exited, as measured by a Gibbl-o-meter, but it stops heating and eventually starts to cool, even with the burning box on.

    Should I try this with a specific version of Forge? Seems to be reproducible that swapping between GT versions causes the boiler to stop working.

    Current setup:
    IC2: 2.2.767
    GT: 6.00.51 / 52

    I'm having a problem with the GT steam boiler(s) in 6.00.52. I can burn all the coal I want in my burning box, the temperature of the boiler never seems to change. I stripped out all the other mods, just IC2 and GT - still broken. Downgrade to 6.00.51 - immediately see a response from a GT boiler. I don't see how it can be my setup at this point, and I can't see any other posts relating to this. So if there's anything I should test let me know, or any information that I could provide that would be useful. Obviously there's no crashlog, as it doesn't actually crash...