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    Hello everyone in this thread

    Im trying to launch GT 6 tweaker, just for example i wrote a example script, but i got nothing

    import mods.MTUtilsGT;
    MTUtilsGT.addCustomRecipe("sShredderRecipes",true, 128, 128, [10000], [<minecraft:stone>], null, null, [<minecraft:diamond_block>]);

    But it has no effect

    Does this GT6 minetweaker wirking or not?

    Hello everyone!
    I found a Output overflow bug in a Large heat Exchanger Math.
    Tested on 5.9.19
    So Large Heat exchanger basic math is:
    8 buckets of hot coolant convert to 8 buckets of coolant, and generate 640 bucket of steam per second.
    Half load 4 buckets of hot coolant generate 160 L of overheated steam.
    In GT exp 5.9.x hot coolant effectivity has increased by x4.
    It tested on IC2 heat exchangers+stirling generators it work fine.
    But it doesnt work in LHE.
    MAX fluid output is only 80 buckets, but normaly is possible to use EV/UV/LuV outputs with size 40/48/56 bucket/s.

    Max output count is 5
    So maximum possible steam output is 200/240/280 bucket/s
    It's not close to 640 bucket/s.

    If hot coolant effectivity is increased by x4 it means
    That on optimal flow 8bucket LHE will generate 8 x 80 x 4 = 2560 steam or 4 x 40 x 4 or 640 OH steam buckets per sec.
    Does it tested?
    Does it work?

    If i dont understand correct math of LHE pkease explain it someone.
    P.S. excuse me for my ''perfect'' english