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    Aha! I found something interesting...

    I tried,

    System.out.println("ITEMSTACK OUT >> "+ new ItemStack(GameRegistry.findBlock("soulforest", "Copperingot")).getUnlocalizedName());

    and also,

    System.out.println("ITEMSTACK OUT >> "+ new ItemStack(GameRegistry.findBlock("soulforest", "Copperingot")));

    And it crashed both times:

    Does that mean that the stack is empty?

    I also tried it at FMLPostInitializationEvent instead of FMLInitializationEvent and that didn't work.

    I'm registering them at the FMLInitializationEvent

    Like this:

    1. public void init(FMLInitializationEvent event)
    2. {
    3. initOreDict();
    4. }
    5. public static void initOreDict() {
    6. if(Loader.isModLoaded("gibby_dungeons")) {
    7. OreDictionary.registerOre("ingotCopper", new ItemStack(GameRegistry.findBlock("gibby_dungeons", "dungeons_copper")));
    8. }
    9. }

    I have four mods that add copper ingots:

    Arcana RPG,

    Soul Forest,

    End Ores,

    and IC2 itself...

    The new copper ingot from the End Ores mod can be smashed. But the other two, from Arcana RPG & Soul Forest, can't.

    I tried registering them as ingotCopper but that didn't work.

    1. if(Loader.isModLoaded("gibby_dungeons")) { //Arcana RPG
    2.     OreDictionary.registerOre("ingotCopper", new ItemStack(GameRegistry.findBlock("gibby_dungeons", "dungeons_copper")));
    3. }
    4. if(Loader.isModLoaded("soulforest")) { //Soul Forest
    5. OreDictionary.registerOre("ingotCopper", new ItemStack(GameRegistry.findBlock("soulforest", "Copperingot")));
    6. }

    How can I get ingots from other mods to be smashed with a hammer? How does End Ores do it?


    I'm creating an addon for IC2, similar to the old 1.6.4 JAMI addon but for 1.7.10. I'm starting on adding interaction with DivineRPG and I was able to successfully add macerator recipes thanks to Speiger's example. But I'm having trouble adding recipes for the Ore Washing Plant. I added the code as you can see from in the code block. I get no errors in eclipse and the game doesn't crash but nothing happens when I put the crushed ores in the Ore Washing Plant. Other Crushed Ores will get washed but the ones from the recipe I tried to add don't.

    1. ItemStack oreWashing_input = new ItemStack(crushedRupeeOre, 1);
    2. ItemStack oreWashing_output = new ItemStack(purifiedRupeeOre, 1);
    3. ItemStack oreWashing_output2 = new ItemStack(Items.string, 2);//String for testing. Change to respective tiny dust.
    4. ItemStack oreWashing_output3 = new ItemStack(Items.wheat_seeds, 1);//Seeds for testing. Change to IC2 stone dust.
    5. Recipes.oreWashing.addRecipe(new RecipeInputItemStack(oreWashing_input), null, oreWashing_output, oreWashing_output2, oreWashing_output3);

    MC: 1.7.10

    IC2: 2.2.828


    Mods folder: IC2-dev, DivineRPG, CodeChickenCore-dev

    That's the first time someone reported this, I need more information than that. Corruption usually involves a crash or at least log entries.

    There was no crash. Just quite a large framerate drop and a bunch of lag spikes which slowly ceased. And a bunch of missing chunks. I checked In mcedit and a quarter of the map was missing. It was replaced with the flatworld it originally was, and all structures and terraformings were missing. It may have been due to incompatible mods that were installed alongside it. Here's the log...


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