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    ---Begin transmission---
    Help i may have just introduced the spambots to all the resources they want in my dense ores no corruption mining age and they took my only book back can some--- pl-ase h--p m- th-y are using use my ------------ HELP THERE ATTACKING ME WITH QUANTUM ON THEY FOUND A HUGE IRIDIUM VEIN HELP Bzzzzz Thz spmbts seem 2 hve a way to crrupt peepz HELP I thnk they be crrupt me hlp i am turning in to lolllll herp durp i like my new casuc with quad uranium cells and ice (translation these spambots seem to have a way to corrupt people I think they are corrupting me please help i am turning into one random stuff to act like a spambot not actually one)
    ---end transmission---

    copper and brass = brass a material to make instruments material not bronze. here's a quote from wikipedia "Bronze is a metal alloy consisting primarily of copper, usually with tin as the main additive." so no iron, maybe chrome but it doesn't have to have it also this is not real life THIS IS MINECRAFT!!!!!
    EDIT: the buffing of bronze dust has been suggested before idk about denied

    i crashed when trying to join

    computercraft isn't working for me I tried this many the modpack many times and only worked without cc

    this went on for way longer but it was past max letter limit was 10x it so 100000 letters

    Hi my ign is ajj I like to use tech mods mostly (ic2 rp bc log pipes) and a few magic mods (Mystcraft EE aether) I Joined minecraft in alpha (I forgot which update of it Being so log ago I think it was around 1.2.5 alpha version) My modding experience is since 1.7.3 beta and really got going in 1.8.1
    p.s. next to the mods you list can you put a link to the forum page for those
    p.p.s. this server sounds cool
    p.p.p.s. also i met dw20 kraft pahimar notch evil seph and more ig