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    Would the drain and its pipes still need to be chunkloaded when connected to ocean water? Or would it be like the 'Long Distance Electric Wires' so only the drain and the end point needs to be loaded(or perhaps only the endpoint)? The nearest ocean in my world I found is rather far, which makes me worry that I need to have a lot of loaded chunks.

    Are there any good ways for complete automation of the crucible smelting? Has anybody a tutorial for that?

    Check the images below.

    For auto-alloying steel (so no iron comes out when it's too cold) or others:
    Create 2 temperature sensors. One to read the temperature and one to output a signal when it's warm enough to shut off a batbox.
    Have a batbox power a LV heater(you can use a MV heater with a CESU I think as well), put a switch on the block below to be able to turn it off.
    Have 2 hoppers: one above the crucible and underneath the mold leading to a chest.
    Use redstone or GT red alloy wire from the temperature sensor that is set to > mode to the batbox, if using red alloy wire wiring it from above doesn't obstruct the buttons.
    To make the mold not auto-eject the current plate/ingot you can wire a redstone not port(a redstone torch) from the sensor to the mold hopper, that way if the temperature is too low the current item will remain in the mold until the temperature is right.

    To use it fill the hopper above with a multiple of carbon sources and iron dusts, and only place the mold(on auto with the monkey wrench) until the temperature is hot enough.

    Is it possible that since 6.00.57 of the gregtech api, .getFluidID() is called on a FluidStack which doesn't exist in the (recommended?) forge version 1263? Which gives a NoSuchMethodError in the Recipe class when calling NEI usages of a fluid.


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    How hot can a ceramic crucible actually get? I made some iron ingots and I forgot the burning box was still burning when removing the liquid iron, causing the temperature of the crucible to shoot past 2000K without turning into lava.

    I seem to get a ConcurrentModificationException crash today (with gregapi.GT_API_Proxy.onChunkWatchEvent( in the stacktrace) while exploring a nether fortress. If I restart it sometimes crashes immediately again and sometimes I have more time. I explored nether fortresses before without problems, but that was on an earlier GT6 version.

    I was resupplying my thermal generators by removing the empty cells from them, going to the nether, filling them with my railcraft tank of lava, then coming back to the overworld to find that the thermal generators still have the empty cells in then. Does this duplication happen for anyone else?

    I'm on gregtechmod-4.06c with industrialcraft-2_2.0.336-experimental, forge

    Here is forge log part 1 and part2 if needed.