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    - Name/Nick- Splash or Wes (Real)
    - Forum Nick- Splash_fire (all 3 are this)
    - Timezone- GMT -7 (Mountain Time)
    - The position you want to take- Backup/extra beta tester (just incase you decide on more, I want in on this :D)
    - I've attempted at making spotlight videos for some practical mods like Wireless Redstone Mod, and Alchemy (hasn't changed version in a long time, think modder isn't doing it anymore), but I SUCK at doing it, and I'm having trouble finding good (free) video editing software :\

    I'm an avid mod tester, I have a mod database of ones that I like on my desktop (it's 90MB of just mods, I believe there's 35-40 there).
    From those I've given bug reports & such to the following:
    Buildcraft (A LONG time ago)
    SDK's Gun Mod (still, a LONG time ago)
    Flan's Airplanes(again a really REALLY LONG time ago)
    ID Resolver
    .minecraft folder switch mod for windows (it ate my world and all my previous mods that I had somewhere in the .minecraft folder)
    I think you get the point.

    In any case I've seen Jessassin's showcase of the new features and I like how you kind of incorporated the designs of Eloraam's Red Power Wiring with BuildCraft's piping system to get the new wires, and then topped it off with your own version of insulating, very impressive.

    Keep on being awesome :J

    I may just be a moron, but I set up a forcefield and calibrated it to the field, but it doesn't let me through when I right click with the TransFreq thing. Is this a bug or am I doing it wrong. I right and left clicked it, just FYI.

    Anyone else having this problem?

    Also, I have teleporters charged up but when I flip the switch they don't do anything. If anyone can tell me what happened there, that would be awesome too.

    Currently when you up the ammount of power that the FFG uses, it doesn't expand automatically, it needs to be broken and put back to expand.

    Also, it could really use a better way of displaying there's a field there in the future, maybe a translucent solid blue. Just a thought.

    I've seen suggestions for mining helmets and nightvision all around this mod, but what I'm suggesting is a toggleable nightvision with it's own HUD... like this:

    INSTEAD of making a helmet using this, make the goggles for it that you can either just put on, or craft onto a helmet, and the toggle would be something like left Ctrl. And a full battery of charge = 1 min of usage (maybe too small)

    It's basically epic glasses that change the HUD and give nightvision, but you can craft them on stuff.


    PS. IT'S HARD TO INPUT AN IMAGE!!!! Please fix?

    I'm not actually sure this is in the spirit of this particular mod, but I was thinking of making a little remote control airplane that you need to recharge with batteries. It would be sooooooo much fun. Maybe also a remote control car.....

    I'm also wondering about larger scale on that but I think it's a job for Flan's planes mod since I was thinking more........Predator Drone esque but starting small is best.

    Also futuristic weapons and gadgets (I'm sure this has been suggested a LOT).


    Remote control:
    (some hybrid of all 3?)

    Taser (handheld lightning-ish)
    Heat Beam (cause a magnifying glass and the sun just don't do it for you)
    Zoom-able nightvision goggles
    Water Compressor Gun(Ratchet and Clank style)
    Laser Hookshot (like a laser anchor on anything, it can be shortened, lengthened and maybe even swing.)
    4+ Digital Padlock for doors (it seems more cool than practical, but multiplayer effective)

    Etc.... Feedback? MinecraftNotch