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    Hey man, you should go easy on us you know. Zipp has been given a very unenviable task here you know. It's not like there's any core IC2 developer willing to try and actually make the API useable in the way Zipp needs it to be. If Zipp wants me to I can give it a go at fixing up the remaining issues this weekend (I am away from my developer machine for the week, because work has made me travel to Detroit - lucky me), but this is Zipp's baby, I'm not going to just come in and take over, and given the state of the IC2 API, I'm hesitant that I would want to.
    The best way you could help is by hassling the core team to actually make an API we can use to add this stuff. We need an extendable tile entity that provides the core power functions in an overrideable way, and compatible block code. Or you know what - get them to add the compressed solars to the core itself - man it's about 20 lines of code for the core dev guys. Sadly, it's not quite that way for us outsiders. It's a few hundred/thousand lines of code copied from partially decompiled classes built against obfuscated minecraft core code. If you get it slightly wrong, well, you can see what happens, because guess what, that's what Zipp, under much pressure from you all, released.

    The API does contain everything you need to make a functional machine block, just because your to lazy to actually check to see how it works doesn't mean the developers have to go out of there way to help you out.

    Yeah thats the problem - that little 'utility' list is all the stuff you can't just guess at. I was thinking about building a "block addition kit" so that all that pain could be centralized but to be honest it needs to be part of the API so I don't think I'm going to do that. In the meantime poor Zipp has to decompile IC2 . I've decided against writing another mod (and removed Iron Chest's dependency on IC2) because of this lack of transparency and extreme difficulty for maintainance.

    Well the API for IC2 has gotten a lot better in its implementation and what it does contain, however I do have to say that the API isn't 100% straight forward and would require some better documentation along with example to explain everything. On the other hand Advanced Machines should of never of relied so heavily on the TileEntities from the core of IC2, trying to decompile a massive project like IC2 is always going to have issues.

    I hate to sound so mean but there have been some statements on how this new Advanced Machines is rewritten from the ground up and from what I can see it doesn't seem to be like that, from the looks of it Zipp has taken a lot of the coding from IC2 and made some changes and is implementing that instead. My thoughts is that Zipp should of written his own TileEntity that implements everything he needs from the API and written it from scratch and have all the machines extend that. Most of the issues at the moment is because of the minor rewrites of the copies from IC2's base files. This style of coding just seems like it was hacked together and is failing because IC2 is expanding in leaps and bounds that are to advanced for any addons to be dependent on the core of IC2.

    I am just going to leave this for you guys...


    Should really make sure we do super.onBlockRemoval(world, i, j, k)...