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    I was thinking that the super conductor could have variable loss (cooling cost) depending on the ambient temperature of the dimension. For example, IGalacticraftWorldProvider, provides methods to get a getThermalLevelModifier() for that dimension. For example, over-world is hot with a value of 1.0, moon has a neutral value of zero, Mars has a cold value of -1.0, and Asteroids has a really cold value of -1.5. I am not sure how you would calculate the different loss, perhaps,

    float loss = (getThermalLevelModifier() + 1.0) / 2; loss = loss >= 0 ? loss : 0;,

    so that earth will still have a loss of 1 eu/t, moon will have a loss of 0.5 eu/t, and mars, asteroids, anything colder than -1 would have 0 loss.

    Let me know what you think?