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    Few words about TC.

    With partially unnerfing TC start to MV era instead of HV I think about suggesting "binding" TC progression to GT. Since TC wands are sort of milestones often locking some TC stuff behind it how about producing wand cores in assembler, for example, requiring them to be infused with certain metal before they could further used in TC itself? Like basic iron wand right now requires MV machines to make its caps. Then in order to make core from Greatwood you first need to add some liquid stainelss steel to it. For 2,5 tier wands (bone, reed, blaze etc) it would require titanium and for silverwood core it would require tungstensteel.
    The main reason why I bring this topic back is because I just made some testings on current KR build and sadly thaumium pickaxe, pickaxe of the core or voidmetal pickaxe enchanted with eff10 beat both IC2 Iridium drill and GraviSuite Advanced Diamond Drill badly in terms of speed. Not to mentioned that it TC picks could also be enchanted with fortune/silktouch, are virtually indestructible due to void metal and Unbreaking/Repair enchants and do not require any energy to use unlike their Tech counterparts.
    With what we have right now, progression will look like this - pass Bronze Age, build EBF, make your iron wand, forget about any GT pickaxes, drills, shovels and chainsaws, use TC tools till the end of the game. Probably not excatly what we want.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but last I knew, knowledge of doing an efficiency 10 tool was not widespread. The reality is there's not much that can stop an exploit such as this besides gutting the entire enchanting aspect of TC, which I'd really rather only see as a last resort. I would suggest either nerfing the tool recipes themselves to need higher tier metals and/or the repair enchant to use more vis per point of repair, if its possible, to make extended use of them prohibitvely expensive. Any enchantable tool can be broken in this fashion, so just trying to nerf the TC tools wont have that much effect to anyone who knows what they're doing.

    Im not against tiering wands to different ages, but if the intent is to try stopping an unfixable exploit, its not going to get all that far. Requiring higher tier metals to make the TC tools will push them to later in the game, but anyone able to use the exploit is going to have the issue regardless of when you obtain them.