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    I think know why it crashed minecraft, it could not load ic^2 correctly. It does not list ic^2 or rocket science.

    Lithium occurs in a number of pegmatitic minerals, but due to its solubility as an ion is present in ocean water and is commonly obtained from brines and clays.

    got this from wikipedia.
    ahahaha maybe we can get lithium on clay.?
    i'm not testing yet the new version =]
    just guessing here

    It was changed on wikipedia recently(not by me), it now says "Lithium is a compairitively rare mineral, altough it is found in many rocks and some brines.

    I gust read that today on the lithium wikipedia page. :)

    Hello pat, since u are new i wil tell you all basics.

    bucket falls under CASUC in an reactor, it wil empty it, but retain it since it is an vallid reactor component, for this fact you wil need an 5 chamber reactor, the empty side hooked up to an pneumatic tube (VITAL!) if you do not have 5 chambers but 6, the tube wont connect. with recievers you can suck - feed your reactor with ice blocks/water buckets. i suggest for starters to start using ice CASUC. since ice stacks it is more reliable then buckets.

    any questions? feel free to ask throu pm or in this thread.

    ok, yes i have never tried making a CASUC reactor but i have made nuclear reactors in this mod (my first mk V went boom), i also have had them spit things out, like random cells.

    don't know about others but I put stuff into and retrieve from reactors with Redpower 2 and a transposer and retriever. Both can operate on the same tube line.
    In my case I used the retriever to extract depleted uranium and a transposer to put uranium in when it ran out for a long running reactor (naturally it has to be a Mk. 1 to pull this off)

    One question, i though that the reactor would just spit the buckets out on its own?

    That not being the usual reactor planner, it's not telling me how long it needs for cooldown :) What kind of duty cycle do you need to run this on?

    If the reactor planner I used is not the usual reactor planner, then what is? I am going to make a youtube video on the world that reactor is on.

    This design was originally a friends design but I have modified it. I made this reactor system today (the day I posted this) and the most recent change is the underground shutdown system. I also have never had one meltdown.…HHUUUUHCCHHCCPPCCPPXXXXXX
    here are some pics

    In case you are wondering, the top of the reactors are 9 blocks under the surface of the reactor building.
    Here is a picture of the inside of the reactor building.

    What do you guys think?