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    There are multiple Textures i've draw myself, of course by looking at the 32x ones because they are'nt any 16x Textures from the old Versions. But well it was my fault not say anything about it on my thread, sorry for being mad an hour ago. As you explained it, i clearly understand your situation. Have a nice day

    I really cannot belive this! About 2-2,5 years ago i made a 16x16 IC2 Pack for the 1.7.10 version, i had alot of free time and i like to work with Photoshop-Gimp, i drawed some textures by myself that i couldn't get from the older versions (example: Stirling Generator, Heat Generator, Nano Saber Animated, Plasma Launcher animated, Rotors) mostly with Gimp. It's great to see that someone is updating it to the latest versions but really, you could alteast mention me that you got some textures from me! You even took the Texture Pack Picture from my Pack and changed the background the Iron Block, how creative you are! Have some respect

    Well, my Holidays started so i have enough time to edit IC2's textures. I Have something like 30 Mods and all are using 16 Pixel Textures but only IC2 uses 32 Pixel textures, and its hard to find a 32 Pixel Pack for all of these mods, so i used the old Macerator, Compressor etc. Texures and made 16 Pixel Textures for all IC2 Blocks and Items. And some addons (AFSU Block, Mining Tools adv. Iridium Drill and Old Compact Solars Textures). Have Fun :thumbup:

    Yo Guys!

    I would make an automatic Water Mill Machince with Buildcraft Pipes, Fluid Transposer (Thermal Expansion) etc. everything is fine but the only problem is, when the Water Bucket is moving in the pipe to the Water Mill it's plopping out (its not going in to the Water Mill), its not even working with a hopper. You Guys know how i could fix it? :Water Mill: :D