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    Hi my name is Zedda and I´ve got a new server up. Its a IC2 server only but i´m thinking that i might add buildcraft to.

    Hamachi : ZeddasServer
    Pass : 123


    Industrialcraft 2
    Buildcraft 2.2.11 all of them
    Minecraft forge

    and addons
    BCIC2crossover client v1.14b

    you can download them with this link

    Ok so right now we are about 8 guys playing constantly. Wich means that there is about 14 slots left. If you want to join the server just get the mods and login with the IP ( we hope you will join.

    You will see the rules in the server but be sure to read them all. The ip is - and it now supports offline mode. I will make the server a bukkit one as fast as i can. But now when 2012 is coming i will not be at home. The test server will be up and that means your allowed to spawn items. But I´ll be back somewhere around 5/1 and then the server will be a bukkit one, please note that ive change the date of the server. Its mostly because that I´ve been busy doing stuff and that my mac dose not allow me to run a modded server. Thank fully i have a PC with direct internet and i will try make a IC2 server on it. If it dosen´t work i will keep hosting the normal one :). This means that there will be 30 slots and other plugins such as: Iconomy, chest shops, and then some admin stuff such as worldedit, essentials. :P
    Comeon the fun awaits you! :):)

    P.S keep in mind that you should check this thread often to find any typ of news.
    Special thank´s to:
    for helping me hosting the server. They have been online the times I´ve not, because i probebly sleep. :thumbsup:


    Hi man i would like to join the server. My name is Zedda and I am a great builder and a no griefing one :) I just cant wait to play with you guys :) :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: