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    I'm not sure if this is a bug but right clicking on GG won't open GUI, it's like a solid block and can't remove it with wrench, even reloading minecraft didnt helped.
    It's SSP problem. Using forge

    Forum is for sharing opinions, doesn't it ?
    And since this mod is called Advanced Machines, people will complain.
    AtomicStryker, you should change the name of this mod, because it won't stop. And as far as I know, mods are made for people, not vice versa..

    Back to topic, sorry to tell you but I'll complain, whenever I set up your Advanced Machines in my world I get huge FPS drop all the time when I'm near machines or on the same chunk.
    The FPS drops from 60+ to 5-10 FPS, It's being unplayable. And the first thing I did after installing your mod, I disabled sounds, what're they for ?
    Tell me, how can I praise you for this mod, while it's just rubbish, because I can't use it ?

    It happened to me by coincidence, let me explain.
    There are few conditions to make it work, first of all you need a diamond drill (didnt try with normal one) and BatPack. Charge them.
    Secondly you must have in your inventory electric wrench and electric treetap, charged too.
    And this is it, when you mine with DD, BatPAck will discharge, and eventually diamond drill too, but not fully.
    Here's the bug, DD will discharge to some point, there'll be a short red stripe under DD, but it won't loose EU fully.
    And you can mine with DD whole day without charging BP or DD.
    You'll ask why do I need electric treetap and wrench for ? I don't know either, but it works only with those items in inv.

    ps. using minecraftforge 1.3.1