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    Using the current reccommended version of Infinity ftb. (2.0.2) (IC2NuclearControl-2.3.1a-Butt)(forge-1448)

    Some of your blocks use the same block id. (2596) All the blocks using this id 2596:1 -> 2596:10 (remote thermal monitors -> advanced info panel extenders) Turn into thermal monitors(2596) when broken.

    easiest way to replicate is to use the FTB launcher and jump into FTB infinity modpack 2.0.2. Make a new single player world or connect to a server. Give your self an adv info panel and place it in the world. Break it and confirm you get back a thermal monitor.

    Sorry i didn't see an addon specific bug thread.

    This is the only error for NC2 in my log