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    I saw one other person posted on here with this issue, so I'll share what I've learned:

    Crash Log:

    Full Forge Log (pastebin doesn't like 18MB files apparently):…vsl/fml-client-1.log?dl=0

    Gregtech 5.05.13
    Biomes 0' Plenty
    Forge, 1230

    I know that there's some kind of conflict between the Gregtech world generation and the Biomes O' Plenty world generation. If you remove either, the issue goes away entirely. I'm planning on posting the same information on their github, but I wanted to make sure the people here were aware, and to see if Greg could take a look and rule out an issue on his side.

    I'm aware they're for drilling, but they used to be able to hit mobs. It wasn't as good as a sword, but at least it did some damage. Now they don't do any at all. There's no reference to that change on the wiki or the 1.106 change log, hence the bug.

    When I hit mobs with the drill (tried cows and spiders) they don't take damage. I tried both the standard and the diamond versions, charged and uncharged.
    Chainsaw seems to work fine though.

    IC2 - 1.106
    FML -
    Forge -

    in smp and ssp
    Beta 5pre3
    Beta 5pre4
    client crashes if not in the hands of the MFD, when you press M, or any key you assigned (I key F)

    I'm actually getting this same problem in pre2 with CodeChicken's NEI. When searching for anything with a "M" in it, it crashes I'd say about 70% of the time.