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    There are actually a small handful of block IDs we could disable, and I wouldn't mind disabling the nukes. We're not running a PvP server, so there's no reason for us to have them. (I've simply never disabled them before, because I haven't needed to).

    (I did a search for this answer, but I couldn't find an answer).

    Is it possible to disable the block IDs of certain blocks, such as blockITNT, that no one is currently using? I'd like to update another mod, but it adds a bunch of block IDs, and I have 0 remaining slots.

    Try another version of Optifine, possibly even an older version if one is available for the version of MC you're playing.

    Edit: Forgot to add because it was late when I posted that we had this problem before, and it was definitely that particular version of Optifine we were using at the time. We installed a previous version (HD_B6, I think?) and the problem fixed itself. Now we're using HD_D6 without issue.

    If you use the Magic Launcher, you can test out different versions of Optifine without constantly having to redo your minecraft.jar.