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    On the "Null Pointer Exception" thing, I can confirm that it exists in more than one place. (Though I'm sure you guys have more than your fair share of bugs going on right now.)

    AM 3.8c for Minecraft 1.2.3 on Bukkit. Here is the output from the server console when someone tries to interact with their inventory or the rotary macerator while the rotary macerator's GUI is open. I figured that since you guys bundle the source, the Bukkit port, and the client port, I should post this here:

    At first I was using CB++ via Donovan on MC Port Central, but it also happens (At least, the second half of that error message) with the most updated build of MCPC's modded server jarfile. I don't know if it's an error in AM itself or not.

    It doesn't seem to be causing any other issues, aside from disconnecting people from the server when they try to use the macerator, or their inventory while the macerator GUI is open. I have not been able to verify if it happens with the other machines.

    aroo? the *only* thing that should go into a bukkit .jar is ModloaderMP and the forge. everything else goes in the mods folder.

    only vanilla needs to stuff IC2 and BC into the jar and even then only on Linux due to the lack of sorting by mr. lazy author of ModloaderMP.

    Okay, I will try it that way. I thought that regardless of Vanilla or Bukkit, you needed to mod the main server jar with IC+BC+everything else you wanted to actually mod, and the add-ons for certain mods went in the mods/ folder.

    Perhaps I misread the instructions. <.>


    That seems to have been my problem. <.>

    Thank you for pointing that out! You saved me from another evening of despair; otherwise, I'd have spent most of tonight bashing my head on my keyboard trying to figure out what the blazes I was doing wrong. :D

    you need to update modloadermp to the version with the sorting fix. Note that bAse modloadermp doesn't have this but you're running bukkit so you're fine- maeyanie fixed this problem recently over on mcportcentral. It's r5 that has the fix.

    Thanks for the suggestion!

    Just now, I took your advice and I updated to the new ModLoader; just to be safe, I re-modded a clean bukkit server file; ModLoaderMP first, followed by MC Forge, and then IC2 and BC. I overwrote my old bukkit server jar with this new file, dropped the most recent download of Advanced Machines in the 'mods' folder, and tried again. I got the same string of errors.

    I renamed the .zip archive in the mods folder to have a 'z' in front of it; still, the same errors persist.

    I even tried unzipping the archive, thinking that maybe it couldn't read into the .zip file properly. (Hey, when trying to troubleshoot, nothing is immune to being suspect...)
    Nope, same errors.

    Is it still, for some reason, even with ModLoaderMP r5, (which is to my understanding, r4 but released with the loading queue re-implemented), trying to load Advanced Machines before it loads IC2? Or am I overlooking something simple?

    When I try to just add the mod to the main server archive (open both with 7zip, copy+paste the mod files into the craftbukkit jar, run craftbukkit jar), I get this error:

    So, that doesn't work.

    I feel like I keep hitting a brick wall with this. x.x

    Double Edit:

    Even with the ModLoaderMP hot fix, on Windows 7 x64 with a 64 bit JVM, and only ModLoaderMP1.0.1r4/Forge1.2.2r2/IC2 1.42 /BC 2.2.8 installed to the craftbukkit-1.0.0-R1 jar itself, this is still happening, with advanced machines prefixed with z's to hopefully make it load after IC2.

    Any ideas?

    This will eventually end up on a Linux box, but I have to make it work first...

    I'd go poking around ModLoaderMP for errors (since it seems that's what's exploding all over), but it's been years since I seriously looked at Java... not sure what I'd even need to bug fix.

    Odd thing: It works fine with Additional Pipes, just not Advanced Machines.