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    I just imagined how awesome the addition of Turing Machines to Gregtech as a logical unit would be.
    In my vision you could give it an item buffer with the different items creating different symbols and then specifying the behaviour based on what the TM computes.
    With something like that you could produce simple sorting devices, but also more complex things like outputting items once the buffer contains a certain amount of one item (due to Churchill's Thesis you can do anything you could do with a programming language with a Turing Machine)
    I think the low-level approach to computing you get with Turing Machines would perfectly fit Gregtech's theme of building everything from scratc.h
    Then I realized that non-computer scientists would probably think Turing Machines to be an unnecessarily complicated approach (even for Gregtech) and more importantly, it would probably take way too much time and effort to properly implement.
    Life is pain.