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    His stuff on its turn is based on other textures, such as redpower (the canvas/clothspins) and buildcraft/vanilla and the general style he uses is based off of unity.

    I haven't seen Zerrens online for a while though. And I am personally working on a ZTech/Unity styled resource pack that is for the GTNH Coremod and GalaxySpace/Galacticraft (He misses a lot of textures in the latter).

    And I am also working on the circuits for the coremod atm:

    There is still a lot left to do though

    Hey, amazing work on the textures, I have been using them for over half a year (probably even longer), and it's lovely how well it works with unity.

    some new items added to GT don't have textures yet (some of the LuV+ items (motor, robot arm, pump, etc) don't have textures for example. Also it looks like some of the new items added by the advanced plastic/oil refining chain (like the boards) don't have textures. The gregtech sensor kit has a high res texture. The quantum and gravi star textures are very different from the Unity nether star texture (if you want to make that consistent) and lastly the modular armor currently has a strange high-res texture.

    For IC2, what is the reason to keep some of the textures flat 32x while turning others pretty like the rest of your textures? They seem super out of place next to the rest of your textures. :)

    That because it is in Seting up alpha right now, Bear made that clear in the tour de Server video. May be i should add ths vid as well.

    Ah okay, I didn't get that from the video (I was busy programming on the side while watching/listening ), I just heard he got a chance to try it and that it was closed /whitelisted otherwise.
    When it becomes more open, I'd be interested in joining the fun, if possible. :p

    for adventure mode I would give shovel and axe(flint) then wooden and stone tools wouldn't be necessary.

    I think it would be even more realistic to remove some wooden tools altogether, because they not realistic at all. Except for a wooden hoe and shovel, I don't think the other vanilla tools really make sense. Some modpacks actually disable them (I remember that being the case on Regrowth for example) and force players to use stone/flint/etc. to make their tools.
    Might be a nice bit of realism, since wooden axes and picks would just be too soft for the job irl, except for maybe mining something like talc/hardened clay.

    As someone who does not know, can someone please explain to me how EU differs from RF, and how the IC2 power system differs from other tech mods?

    I do have familiarity with Reika's RotaryCraft, if that helps.

    Well, a big difference between RF and EU is that EU can overload machines since it comes in packets. You can see these as the voltage of the cable.
    For example, you can have packets of 512eu/t or 32eu/t. You can also transport RF at xxxRF/t, but these packages have no influence on the machine they are connected to.
    An important thing to keep in mind is: without upgrades/transformers, you can blow up your machines, smelt your cables, etc.
    RF on the other hand is a pretty consistent flow that doesn't have any impact on the machines.
    In short: EU challenges the player to set up a proper electricity net, where he/she has to think about things like losses (higher voltage = lower losses), right voltages for the right machines, the correct energy buffers, etc. RF is just creation > storage > usage and for each (including the transportation) you can use pretty much whatever you want and connect it to whatever machine you want. This requires no real thinking.

    It's a shame this was an April Fools joke. I stopped using IC2 after MC 1.4.7. This would have made me consider using it again. Oh well.

    Well, let's all be happy that there are actually people who won't stop playing it now, instead of you maybe, possibly, considering trying it again. x)

    Edit: Gotta hand it to the people from IC2, BC & DW20, you got everyone x) After those videos from DW20, you had me.

    God damn. I know how gearboxes work. i even know P=wM. There is problem with my knowledge of english languange. I can not express exactly what I mean. I mean some kind of shaft box, that allow me use more motors.

    Oh, no insult intended. I have heard people saying some really weird stuff about shaft power (someone seriously suggesting to put dynamo's on the driving axles of an electric car to "save power". So I guess my estimation of how much people know about it is just off. If you had said "torque" instead of "power" it would have all been correct :)

    I know a energynet is not the easiest part of a mod, but i followed a guy on Youtube, that builds a energynet from scratch( cables, consumer, provider,etc). Its very basic but it works flawless. How hard could that be for a team that does that
    for a very long time?

    Probably Scratchforfun x) I remember him doing a small video series about energy nets.

    Gearbox.. This is what i need.. Way to power better machines with lower tier motors.

    Or is there other way how to link multiple motors to do more power?

    That's not how gearboxes work, that's not how they work at all...
    You can't create more power with a gearbox, the only difference is that you can influence the ratio between RPM/NM (rotation speed and torque). The amount of power remains the same, but it would make for some very interesting (rotarycraft-like) concepts, like... trying to max out the RPM for a machine with gearboxes, while keeping the torque high enough to make the machine run in the first place, speeding up the process.

    Make a pack with Buildcraft, Forestry, IC2, and Railcraft as the main tech mods and things will feel great!

    I'm honestly skeptical about that. IC2 always felt really unique because it had its own power system and now you can just set up some RC HP boilers, and that's all you need for power in that case.

    I am really sad for dropping EU. WHY you rather won't incorporate Greg's EU system???????????

    Because Gregtech 6 is for MC 1.7.10, I'd guess.
    But who knows, maybe greg kept it in mind and made it so it would be easy to carry over, he's our evil German genius after all :D