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    First of all i have to say that this addon is the best IC² addon ever!!

    But while playing MC yesterday I encountered a bug:

    I tried to build a hunt-for-red-october-style russian submarine equipped with nuclear rockets. I built a mechanism which triggers a piston which keeps the rocket compartment safe from the water and moments later the rocket so that the redstone circuit triggering the missile isnt destroyed by the water.

    The problem is that the the rocket obviously sees the water as solid blocks which caused the missile to detonate upon touching the first water block resulting in a gigantic explosion destroying most of the surroundings.

    I would be very grateful if you could fix this in the next release.

    Cocoa Plant - Tier III
    - Looks like pumpkin / melon stems. Fruit are yellow just like the real cocoa plant.
    - Seeds can be crafted with cocoa beans and regular seeds
    - Drops a fair amount of cocoa beans
    - Cocoa Beans are used for dying wool or could be used to make chocolate or so
    - grows with average speed (like wheat)

    Uranium Plant - Tier XIV
    - looks odd, not like a normal plant.
    - Extracts uranium from the ground
    - Drops itself, can be crafted to some kind of "uranium-plantball" from which a single uranium ore can be extracted.
    - grows very slowly

    Fossile Coal Plant - Tier VI
    - looks like black/gray reed
    - basically extracts remains of ancient lifeforms from the ground
    - drops itself; drop can be smelted to regular coal which would make coal a renewable resource
    - grows slowly

    Marihuana - Tier X
    - everyone should know how it looks
    - requires max. light level and water or else it will drop/disappear
    - drops stuff which can be eaten by the player and has the same effects as the swiftness/strength potions combined
    - grows very slowly

    Bamboo - Tier I
    - looks like reed just a little more "yellow"
    - same environmental requirements as sugar cane
    - drops bamboo blocks which are a cheap building material like wooden planks. bamboo blocks are translucent but resist against water
    - grows fast

    Now that i have finished reading the whole topic; i'd like to give my opinion on the enchanting/potions/ender stuff:

    1. enchanting
    After reading the article about it on the MC wiki i actually liked the idea of being able to enchant the shovel to drop grass blocks. I started enchanting shovels like a madman just do discover that the "silk touch" - enchantment which would drop the grass is only available on XP levels 40 and higher. This made me realize that the whole enchantment stuff is a very bad idea.

    2. potions
    To be honest; i really like the idea of potions: they're easy to make and give special abilities for a short amount of time. Now before everyone starts flaming and calling me a vanilla-fantasy-fetishist, i have to admit that they don't fit in the industrial theme of IC/BC.

    In my opinion, the best way to make the potions fit into an industrial context would be to change them from potions to some kind of drugs/medicine or even energy drinks. I'd really like to be able to brew various indegredients like sugar, caffeine (extracted from cocoa beans), etc. in some kind of "brewing machine" and fill it in cans with the canning machine.

    This would
    a) eliminate the stupid brewing stand since the mighty brewing machine would propably work way faster than the brewing stand (and it would propably be more compatible to buildcraft; did you ever try to make the f**** brewing stand work with buildcraft pipes?)

    b) make the potions more realistic: nobody wants to have crap like "fire-resistance"-potions. I'd rather have energy drinks for increased sprinting velocity, penicilline which cures poisoning from the cave spiders/food poisoning, some kind of pain-killer-shock medicine which is difficult to make but heals like 5 hearts, adrenaline pills which allow the player to "concentrate" better thereby boosting the wrenching rate to 100 percent and last but not least; beer:
    what would be more relaxing after a long day of arranging solar flowers, building badass BC factories and blowing up various reactors than a simple beer.

    All in all, the idea of several complex yet realistic beverages for special purposes would, in my opinion, fit perfectly into the industrial theme. Plus, it would be great to have the trade-o-mat sell beer. :D