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    I wanted to point out that there is one major fact being ignored here. Just because she will make her own converters do not necessarily mean this would be obsolete.

    Geothermal generators accept lava directly now, does that mean the geo generator mkII from powercrystals mod are obsolete? If updated I still plan on using them. You may ask, but why have both when they do the same thing?
    Simple, they both generate different amounts of EU. Normals give 10 eu/t where as the mkIIs give 20eu/t.

    This is the same argument behind using more than one BC<->IC power converter mod. They may have the same end result, but they do not work the same way. They don't interfere with one another and I for one like having options.

    Not having permission is a good reason to pull it, but I see no good reason why permission shouldn't be granted. I really hope she changes her stance on such addons.

    Honestly, I had to cut the category names down a bit. They were really long compared to the rest of NEI. It still made a great template though. :)

    Link worked fine for me, will try it out in a min.

    EDIT: Seems to work well and might come in handy sometime. Thanks for sharing.

    Thank you so much for this. I've been waiting for better panels and now I don't even need a new addon to get them. The recipe is fair enough also.

    Two things though.

    1) I did not get the config file to change my ID conflict at first either. Was easy enough for me to pull one from a backup and add the line. Still wanted to confirm the issues existence as those getting the mod for the first time might have problems.

    2) I'm also getting mismatching textures on the panel sides. The tops are fine but the sides use a plain texture instead of the normal solar one. I do use the soartex style HD textures so that could be the cause.